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CS:GO Minor CIS Qualifier

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2016/01/23 14:00 UTC

Winner BD

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BD vs. eXplosive at CS:GO Minor CIS Qualifier

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Binary Dragons

Although it’s a new name to many, this lineup has been playing together for a while and some may remember the team Revival. That’s them pretty much. The lineup on paper is very good for the CIS scene. dERZIKY and uNdo are some of the better players from Belarus and I know that FANAT ROCKA is a damn good player when he wants to be.

Their first game of this Minor Qualifier was against the Rebels who are also somewhat similar in skill but just better slightly. They lost by a huge margin on Cobblestone with the game ending 3-16 which is pretty damn terrible. I knew they would lose, but I didn’t expect them to lose by that much.

Under the name Revival though, over the past 2 months they had been able to put up good results against the likes of Piter, HR, Quest, as well as HS.GG (now Gambit).


Explosive are a Ukranian team which has been together for a while, and for the old folks, they were known as ACG before being picked up by this subsidiary organisation of Hellraisers.

Like the Binary Dragons, Explosive gave a very lack luster performance as well.  They lost 4-16 on Cache against Gambit (Dosia’s team) and they didn’t look like they knew what they were doing/always getting outplayed. In just this month, they have played 8 matches of which they won 4.


Binary Dragons have actually beat eXplosive in December last year back when they were known as Revival. It was a BO3 and Revival won 2-1 after taking Mirage 16-11 but on Cobblestone got severely mangled with a loss of 3-16. This is further proof that Binary Dragons/Revival is a terrible team on Cobblestone. The final map went into double OT as Revival won 22-20 on Train. 2-1

Final thoughts and advice

Both teams played horribly in their opening match to say the least. Didn’t even get 5 rounds. However I am going to place a low bet on the Binary Dragons and hope that Cobblestone isn’t picked for them to even have a chance at winning. 60-40 are my personal odds and if the odds are 40% or lower for the Binary Dragons, I will place a low bet on them. If not, skip.


My odds for this match: BD 40:60 eXplosive

Hard to call game, as it could really go either way. Both teams are some what close in terms of skill and level, with eXplosive perhaps having the edge slightly. The interesting part is, BD actually has a good record against eXplosive but still for me the odds are about right. BD didn’t look good yesterday, and honestly neither did eXplosive. Both sides managed to get a total of 7 rounds combined in both their games. With odds being like this, and with both sides looking poor, this game could go either way, and you could argue to bet on either, but honestly the only logical thing you should do with your skins on games like this is SKIP and bet on the Dreamhack games instead.

My odds for this match: BD 40:60 eXplosive


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