eSport betting tips: Against all odds, together

USSR eSports CUP

Best Of 3
2016/01/10 13:00 UTC

Winner BD
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BD vs. Party at USSR eSports CUP Predictions

Party I honestly didn’t know much about until I saw them in the StarLadder Regional Minion Championship CIS Closed Qualifier a few weeks ago where they did not have the best record. They managed to take down GameplayDNA 16-14, hNp 31-28, lost to 420pm 16-12 and lost 2-0 to HS.GG in a pretty poor fashion. They are a side that relies heavily on HObbitt for frags, and unless he is honestly carrying, they seem to really struggle.

Their opponents tomorrow also played in this cup, and were formerly called Revival, who of course took down HR in impressive fashion not too long ago. They also played in the same cup as Party, where they performed to a higher level. They took down SIBWAY in a very tense game on Inferno, that I actually thought they would lose, they then lost to OB 16-9, demolished OneShot 16-3 and took down Quest 2-1 in the ¼ final to secure a place in the Minor Championship. They did lose the first map Mirage 16-1, which is clearly not the best performance. They do have some talented players in their roster, and dERZKIY seemed most impressive when I watched them.

Going into this game, the odds might move a lot, but right now they don’t make for the best reading. BD are clearly the better side than Party, have more experience recently vs top teams, and go into this game the heavy favourites. I personally feel like you would be crazy to bet on a game like this with odds like this so we will need to wait and see if they improve for us. Party have so far not really demonstrated enough for me to believe they can take this game, and I would suggest going LOW on BD if their odds dropped considerably, or I would personally SKIP this game as with the one before this, the risk vs reward is just not worth it.

My odds for this match: BD 65:35 Party

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