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2015/08/16 20:00 UTC

Winner Dignitas

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Dignitas vs. E-Frag @CEVO

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2 Teams which are close to be Tier 1 teams and which are not qualified for the major.
This will mean both teams will be able to play their a-game becaues they got nothing to hide.

From e-frag i expect victor and dreamer to step up, if they want to beat dignitas 2-0. nkl and bubble also must play on a decent level for them, so they are able to beat dignitas.

From dignitas i expect Pimp and aizy to play good, on their side nico must play a good game, else it will be very hard for them. I think he and bubble are pretty even in skill.

The maps both teams like to play are similar so i would not be surprised if we see inferno, cache, mirage or cobble here.

I expect the odds to be arround 60-40/55-45 for dignitas at the end, so i suggest a small bet on e-frag here.

Best of luck guys =)

My odds for this match: Dignitas 50:50

The opening game of the new CEVO season, sees two very even teams in my opinion play one another. Both on their day can compete with the higher echelons of the scene and this game could potentially be very interesting. With this match being a BO2, honestly the chance for this to end 1-1 is very high.

Neither team will be at the major, and therefore neither team needs to hide strategies or be cautious with what they show to other teams. They will both be looking to make a statement at the start of the season, and with a few of the top guns in EU missing, both sides have a decent chance of making the LAN finals if they play to their potential.

With the odds on CSGL being close, and probably remaining close until the match, I would honestly play the odds here. Both teams have potential to take this and the maps will come into play heavily. I would make Dignitas favourites slightly, due to the form they have been in, but if the CSGL odds stay lower for E-FRAG, then they would make for an excellent underdog bet. Remember this is a BO2, so you need your side to take 1 map to be sure of at the very least getting your skins returned.

Either way we should be in for a tense match, that will shatter our nerves until the end!

My odds for this match: Dignitas 50:50

E-Frag, otherwise known as ex-Gplay, have really impressed me lately. About two weeks ago they went to their first LAN under their new sponsor, Acer Predator Masters. No one really expected much from them, but they surprised many people. Unfortunately for E-Frag their first group stage match was against TSM, thought to be the toughest team in the tournament. However, E-Frag ended up taking the Danes 2-1, beating them 16-12 and 16-8 on Overpass and Mirage, but losing Inferno 4-16. They then went on to to beat Dignitas 2-0 in a very close two maps, one of them ended up 19-17 in the favor of E-Frag. E-Frag played  Mouz and Hellraisers next, but they put up a great fight against both teams, taking each BO3 to the third map before losing. E-Frag may have lost in the semi-finals, but I think they all impressed us that week.

As for Dignitas, they also went out in the semi-finals of the Acer Predator Masters LAN. They looked great to start off by beating Hellraisers 2-0, the team that would go on to win the tournament, but then they played E-Frag in a BO3 and lost 0-2. Dignitas weren’t even playing very badly, they just were outplayed by E-Frag. They were still in the tournament, and they faced Hellraisers again in the semi finals, but lost 1-2. Since then Dignitas’s online play hasn’t been too bad, they just beat Dobry and Gaming (ex-Gamers2) in a BO5 3-2, and Hellraisers 2-0 in another BO3.

Both teams didn’t qualify for the upcoming major, so we don’t need to worry about them not trying their best or anything. The odds right now are very close, and I recommend you play the odds. Right now would be a bet on E-Frag, but it may change before the match. I say this is 50-50 because both teams have been looking pretty good, and while E-Frag did beat Dignitas 2-0 at Acer Predator Masters Dignitas’s online play has been better lately. This should be a close match, good luck!

My odds for this match: Dignitas 50:50

This match will be a BO2, which means that the possibility of a 1-1 tie will occur. In this scenario, the skins that have been bet on this match on the lounge will be returned, and it’ll be like nothing has ever happened.

Dignitas haven’t been performing too well for a team which is supposed to be the ‘top T2 team, potential T1’. Although they do have quite a few wins this month, most of them have been from T3 teams, trying to qualify for the EU division of PGL. Their most recent match was a BO5 against the ex-Gamers 2 squad, now known as Dobry & Gaming. The series ended as 3-2 in favor of Dignitas, however I don’t think it should’ve ended that close, as Dignitas are a much better team and D&G did have their coach, Loord playing. Still, a win is a win and you can’t take that away from them. From this match, Dignitas qualified for PGL EU and that’s a great achievement in its own.

This month, Dignitas has played 7 matches and won 5 of them. Those 5 teams falling to Dignitas include: Penta, Hellraisers, Aftermatch, Volgare and D&G. The two matches that they lost were against Hellraisers (played them twice) and Na’vi (lost a grand final, 0-3 with Na’vi having a 1 match advantage in a BO5).

E-frag is a new sponsor for an old lineup. You may remember these Balkan boys from their old team, GPlay, who went on to cause many upsets in the past and to really perform well together. More recently, they have been performing out of their mind, and I now consider them a T2 team. It is said that this lineup has been together for such a long time, but in the last few months is when their career really started to take off. E-frag has been very active this month, with the lineup playing 12 match on record (according to csgonuts). Out of those 12 matches played, E-frag won 8 of them, which is actually pretty good, considering the teams which they play against. E-frag these days play in the ‘big’ leagues like CEVO and RGN, but they also get invited to participate in other smaller quick leagues. This is a good and healthy sign that E-frag are coming together and people are taking an interest in them.

Their most recent match was 2 days ago, and it was against Volgare. E-frag took the series, 2-0 with a pretty clean sweep on Cache and Mirage. In the past month, they have beaten teams like Flipsd3, D&G, Reason, Epsilon and more. They have also taken one map off Mouz, another off HR and a map against Kinguin.

Personally, I think this is a coin toss match. You got Dignitas, a Danish team which is known to be top of the T2 team list, but haven’t been performing as well as they used to. Still, Dignitas are a good team and they are on par with most other T2 teams, including E-frag. E-frag isn’t a bad team by all means, and they really been shining in the last couple of months. These guys take all of their matches very seriously and they give 110% effort. I personally think it’ll be a 1-1, but you should play the odds in this, flip a coin or skip this match. If you HAD to place skins and follow advice, I would go low on Dignitas.


My odds for this match: Dignitas 50:50


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