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2015/08/27 04:15 UTC

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Mortality vs. 3sUP @CEVO Predictions

The 3rd and final match of today see’s Mortality up against 3sUP. I would honestly describe this as a battle between the aimers and the teamworkers. Mortality will just straight up try and out aim you, and are clearly good at it.

Witmer is a good AWP, shinobi has a very aggressive and cocky play style, SicK actually has impressed me with his raw aim, and even vice can have big moments. The time they let themselves down, is they really have nothing set. If you saw Method against them, they would just push b tunnels time and time again on D2, and just take them out and nobody from Mort would be watching it. This can cost them a lot of rounds, especially against teams such as 3sUP.

Looking at 3sUP. They perhaps lack the raw skill of Mortality in most areas, but are a well drilled team. They have strats, they work together, and they have a lot of experience in kiko and arya. They have already shown signs of being like the old AffNity in the sense that they win games you perhaps don’t expect them too. I do think they choke a bit against the better sides, but they should be relaxed going into the game vs Mortality.

Honestly I would put the odds at 60-40 for 3sUP, and would bet on Mort if 3sUP reach about 65%, and go on 3sUP if they are less than that. This is a BO2 again, so your skins should be relatively safe. I predict this will probably be a 1-1, with the odds slightly in favour of 3sUP. Keep an eye on the odds and bet according to that.

My odds for this match: Mortality 40:60 3sUP

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