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2015/08/25 02:00 UTC

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Mythic vs. Mortality @CEVO

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Hey guys, sorry for being a bit inactive lately. I’ve been extremely busy with life and its recent events, but I’ll still try to get some predictions done each day. This match is will be a BO2 against two pretty decent teams. A chance for a 1-1 draw is quite high.

Mythic is a new name for a kinda old team. These guys were formerly known as Luminosity Gaming, however just before ESL One Cologne, LG dropped them and picked up ex-KeyD so they could get their stickers in to the game. Since then, LG has been playing under the name ‘Mythic’, and they also haven’t played many games. One quick thing which I feel like I should note down, is that XP3, a former Elevate player, is filling in for the shoes of the AWPer ‘ptr’, who got kicked/left the team.

Mythic has only played one game with XP3, and that was against LunatiK just three days ago. The final result ended as a 1-1 tie, with Mythic taking Cache (16-13) but dropped Inferno (9-16). Not really the best performance, but a tie is better than a loss so there isn’t too much complaining there. Stanislaw was playing for LunatiK in that match too. Before this game, Mythic attended the NA ESL One Cologne qualifiers, only to not qualify after losing against CLG and Elevate. They did however manage to take Cache off Maximum Effort, so that’s something there.

Mortality is one of the better T2 NA teams, and their lineup is definitely showing some talent. All the players have the potential to play out of their minds, but some names which catch on to me are ‘witmer’, ‘shinobi’ and ‘vice’. All three of these players are nutty fraggers when they want to be, and it is always a pleasure to see them playing like gods.

Like Mythic, Mortality have also been struck with a dry period of little games, with their most recent one being on the 18th of August against Sponsorless, or better known as the ex-Tempo Storm lineup. Although Mortality lost, 0-2, they definitely did push Sponsorless to the limit, after pushing OT on Inferno (16-19) and pushing 3 OT’s on Cache (28-26). This just goes to show that Mortality are no pushovers. Their game before that was against Method, where Mortality also lost 1-2. They took Inferno, but they also did lose Cache and Dust 2 with not really close scorelines like we saw before.

Mortality is a good T2 team which can surprise many, but there isn’t really any way of us telling what form they’re currently in, after about a week of not playing. Still, with their three main players on fire, they could have potential to take a map.

Mythic feature a great lineup, with a bunch of well known players from NA, Sweden and France. I would say that a bet on Mythic would be pretty sweet if the odds stay like this (55-45), and I personally don’t think Mortality will be able to break through two maps in a row against Mythic. All we need is for Mythic to take one map, which is quite likely, for the skins to be safe.


My odds for this match: Mythic 65:35 Mortality


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