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2015/08/19 23:00 UTC

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Property vs. Penta @CEVO

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First of all, this is not Property’s normal roster. They usually have zende and Twist playing, but for this game they have robiin and berg to sub in for them. Berg is decent at best, and robiin is alright, but almost all of them time teams play better with their normal roster. There isn’t as much chemistry between the players, and it’s just harder to play with people you don’t know as well. It’s not like playing with a sub means you lose automatically, but it’s definitely a little bit more difficult to play with them. Property do not rely heavily on their awping, but when they do use the awp, Twist picks it up much of the time. Without having no main awper on your team it can be pretty tough, which is one thing Property will have to work around to win this match.

Penta haven’t been doing bad recently, but they haven’t really been breaking anyone’s expectations. They recently lost to Fraternitas in a BO3, a decent Slovakian team who have been pulling off multiple upsets recently. Other than that and a BO5 loss to SK they’ve been doing pretty well, with wins against Overgaming, Roccat, and Killerfish. At Acer Predator Masters their performance was somewhat mediocre, going out pretty early in the tournament.

This match is a BO2, so if the maps end 1-1 all skins are returned. I seriously doubt that Penta would lose 0-2 to Property right now, but it is possible. Penta should be able to win or tie this, as Property will be struggling with 2 awps and their main awper gone. The CSGOL odds are decent, and a bet could work here on Penta.

My odds for this match: Property 35:65 Penta

Property, or ex property I should say, vs the German side of Penta. The some what mashed together roster of Property vs the inconsistent Penta.

No where in the world can anyone argue Penta deserve those kinds of odds, so although I think Penta will win, the only logical thing you can do is ICB Property, and hope for some Swedish magic. 82% is just crazy, they deserve 65% at best. Only bet really low as of course this is a VERY risky bet.

My odds for this match: Property 35:65 Penta


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