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2015/08/17 02:00 UTC

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TStorm vs. Nihilum @CEVO

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Real odds should be 45:55 here.

Nihilum/ex Nihilum is a dead team, they are just waiting for other offers. I dont know how serious they will take it and how motivated they will be to play this. They have obviously more skill individually, but skill doesnt mean much if you are not motivated.

Tempo Storm just had a lineup change and they lost 2 good players, i still think they have a decent shot at this. If the odds are lower than 45% i suggest a low bet on TS.

If the odds stay arround the 50/50 mark you should just bet by your feeling, but my choice here is TS.

Good luck all =)

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My odds for this match: TStorm 45:55 Nihilum

Hello again guys! I’m back but this time, I’ll be bringing you another high risk match for CEVO, which again, is a BO2. The possibility of a tie is here, and the MLO is a 1-1. Your team just needs to pick up one map for your skins to be safe.

Sponsorless (ex-Tempo Storm)
After being released from Tempo Storm, the team has now assumed the name of ‘Sponsorless’ until they can find a new organisation to sponsor them. Along with the name change, the lineup has undergone some changes too. Players, ‘stanislaw’, ‘roca’ and ‘autimatic’. The three players have been replaced by ‘NAF-FLY’, ‘daps’ and ‘Rush’. In my opinion, this is a decent change. Changing your lineup is never too great, as it does ruin the chemistry and everything that you’ve built together as a team, however changes do have to be made if a lineup is failing. With the addition of a whopping three players in just three days, Sponorless will either be PUGing this match or they will be using their IGL seriously, which could be a little bit of a jumbo since the team still is new and positions and what not may not be set in stone just yet.

This new lineup for ex-Tempo Storm has never been seen before in an official match. Using the previous records for Tempo Storm pretty much makes no sense, since a massive roster change has occurred, pretty much making any of the past matches that Sponsorless played under their old name invalid.

One player which I’m really keen to see play is NAF-FLY. He is young, and has a good career ahead of him if he stays consistent and continues to improve ’till he reaches his peak. He is a very strong aimer, and a promising player. The lineup as a whole for Sponsorless is actually looking pretty solid and there are some known names on there, but it’s just a matter of getting used to each other and learning how each of them play, roles and all of that stuff.

Maximum Effort (ex-Nihilum)
Like Sponsorless, Maximum Effort made some roster changes when they got dropped from their organisation too. According to HLTV, the lineup will not be the traditional Hiko & Co playing. Players, ‘desi’ and ‘Hiko’ are not playing in this game, and their spots will be filled by ‘roca’ and ‘autimatic’.

As Maximum Effort, they have played two matches, both being BO1’s for the ESL One Cologne NA Qualifiers. I should also note that Hiko and Desi were playing for the team in both of these matches, so I’m not sure if you would call this information redundant. They lost both of their BO1’s, and were beated by Mythic (ex-LG) on Cache, 13-16 and they were also beat by Elevate on Cobblestone, losing 3-16. Other than that, there really isn’t too much recent information on Maximum Effort.

The lineup also does look good, like Sponorless. The team is as good as each other.

•New lineup for Sponsorless (3 new members)
•Just got dropped from Tempo Storm
•New lineup for Maxiumum Effort (2 new players)
•Both teams as good as each other (?)
•No recent results with new lineups for both sides.

Maybe those risks scared you, and maybe they didn’t but this is a 10/10 risky-ass game. I mean, just look at the risks involved. I would advise a skip, but that’s not really my job to just keep skipping matches. I will drop a low bet on the underdog, currently Sponsorless. Hopefully NAF & Co will be able to drop a crazy amount of frags. I think this will end up as a 1-1 but we’ll have to wait and see. GL with the bets today!

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My odds for this match: TStorm 45:55 Nihilum

Battle of the 2 new rosters! Autimatic and roca left Tstorm to join Nihilum, and 3 of elevate joined Tstorm. This could be an interesting match, and honestly, we need to have a think about how the rosters were doing before, to help us maybe work things out a bit.

Nihilum even with autimatic were doing pretty bad, and their roster is basically -Hiko + roca. So they lost a lurker, and gained an entry fragger. Honestly I don’t see that improving their roster that much. They still have Valens who in my opinion is really bad. Semphis who is really inconsistent, and sancz who is pretty decent.

Now we move onto the Tstorm roster. It is basically elevate -XP3 – aKis +ShahZam +ryx, which in my opinion is an improvement. Elevate were doing surprisingly well with their old roster, and I think Tstorm will be decent too. The only problem they will have is, they are basically a bunch of aimers. They lack any real tactical players, and this will cost them a lot of CT rounds. I also think daps is poor, and his mistakes and positioning will also make them lose rounds.

So, if we judge it from the past, as that’s all we can do. I would say, the odds are around 60-40 in favour of Tstorm. If the odds go too far above 60% though, then the only logical thing for you to do, is to ICB Nihilum, or SKIP. As it stands now, I will bet a bit on Tstorm. As this is a BO2, there is a high chance you will at least get your skins back.

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My odds for this match: TStorm 60:40 Nihilum


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