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Best Of 3
2016/01/12 18:43 UTC

Winner ATN

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CG vs. ATN at D!ngIT

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This match is hella interesting, CG is a new up and coming team that came out of nowhere and qualified for the European Minor in the first qualifier, there is not much information about them as they have played only few matches so far, they already managed to beat HellRaisers, LDLC.Blue and DenDD, very impressive results considering CG is pretty much a new and not experienced team.

ATN is a decent and a bit inconsistent tier 2 team, they managed to beat a couple of really strong teams not too long ago, their most impressive wins were 2-0 over E-Frag, 2-1 against Reason and multiple wins against PENTA. ATN are playing a bit worse than they did back then, however, they still had few very close matches against teams like Gamers2, HellRaisers and AliGon, all those teams are statistically better than CG, even though HellRaisers got beaten by them.

I’m quite confident with ATN here, I believe they will take this match probably because I don’t know CG that much, still a very risky match though!

My odds for this match: CG 42:58 ATN

This is a best of 3 and the maps are TBA. This match is played for dingIT cup.

ATN: crisby, keev, kzy, stfN, tiziaN

CG: draken, REZ, mOkEn, rezex, zehN

This match is kind of hard to predict. We have seen CG only twice. They played HR and LDLC.Blue. They won both which is quite impressive but i feel like they are a bit hyped at the right moment. Beating HR as a new team is really good but we all know how ‘bad’ HR can play. The match against HR was a best of 3 and CG won it 2-1. They played Overpass, mirage and dust2. CG managed to take overpass with a 16-6 score and dust2 with a 16-12 score line. They lost 16-4 on Mirage. Against LDLC.Blue they had a 2-1 score line as well. They lost Cobblestone with a 16-12 scoreline but managed to take Dust2 16-4 and Overpass 16-6.

ATN results are not as good as those of CG. ATN played G2, Quest, HellRaisers and AliGon. They only won against Quest with a 2-0 scoreline but lost against G2 2-0, Hellraisers & AliGon both 2-1.

Against G2 ATN almost took cobble ending up 16-14 but totally got run over on dust2 losing it 16-4. The victory over Quest was a 16-5 win on Cobble and a 16-11 win on dust2. ATN played hellraisers and took Cobble 16-7 but lost dust2 with a score of 16-10 and overpass with a score of 16-7. Against AliGon ATN managed to take dust2 but lost cache. The decider map was train which ended 26-21 in the favor of AliGon.

Since there is almost no info on CG it is hard to predict them. They had good scores on both matches they played but i don’t know if it is enough to take down ATN. I feel ATN can handle em but there results just don’t show it at the moment. ATN should win Cobble stone for almost 100% sure but we don’t know if they play this map and which maps get played else. For this match i would just skip it. It is a coin flip and it is just to risky to bet on. If you really want to bet i would go very low on ATN. I haven’t seen enough from CG to tell if they are consistent etc.

Overall skip it otherwise if you really want to bet, which i do not recommend, you could go really low on ATN.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: CG 50:50 ATN


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