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Best Of 3
2016/03/18 03:00 UTC

Winner CLG


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Poor AGG got dropped by their own org for an unknown reason. This line-up, who does have potential, is now orgless and will be searching for a new one. CLG yesterday, they looked on point. Managed to 2-0 CoL in EEPL on maps they aren’t really strong on. This is going to be a BO3 for CEVO in the quarter-final, CLG have and surely want to win this one. CLG are the better team overall and with AGG having trouble being Orgless doesn’t really help either, I expect CLG to win here, 2-0.

My odds for this match: CLG 90:10 AGG

CLG have never lost a single map against OCEAN’s team and there is no way they lose the entire series now, additionally CLG are doing great right now, recently qualified for MLG Columbus Major and won a couple of online matches against compLexity and Noble eSports, seems like they improved a lot after picking up FugLy, they still lack in strategic play since pita is calling for them, CLG just needs some time to get used to it.

AGG are decent but I don’t see them going anywhere with this roster, they have star players like Twistzz and rooRooo, but two or three players won’t carry them against one of the best North American teams, pretty sad that such a good trio is being held back by OCEAN and els. Recently AGG traded few maps against SPLYCE and Selfless, they actually won a very convincing best of three against SPLYCE 16-1 and 16-7, other than that, AGG got wrecked by CLG, Renegades, OpTiC and few other teams.

Well AGG are fine but they are not capable of beating CLG in a best of three, especially in CEVO qualifiers as CLG really want to qualify for this event.

My odds for this match: CLG 90:10 AGG

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Don't waste money on this match.

Important game for CLG here and judging from their previous ones, they mean business. Slightly risky game because rooRoo and Twistz on their own can cause CLG problems and make these maps close. The good news for CLG is they have been playing an awful lot lately, and their form seems to be good as well. Tarik needs to raise his game, and is still being really inconsistent, and if he is off his game again tonight, things could get a little close. Saying that though, the overall level in the AGG camp is not that high, they are currently 0-10 in the Pro League, and have had some really up and down performances lately. This SHOULD be a victory for CLG and I would suggest a MED bet on them.

My odds for this match: CLG 80:20 AGG

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