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2016/02/04 09:53 UTC

Winner EnVyUs

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CLG vs. EnVyUs at Game Show Global

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EnVyUs are most definitely the favourites to win this lan and they really SHOULD win it as well. None of the teams who are qualified should be able to take down EnVyUs except Astralis. Rest of the teams are all tier2 / tier3 teams who are somewhat decent and CAN upset but not on this lan. I feel like EnVyUs haven’t been the same team they were back at Cluj but even then, I don’t see them losing this match against CLG. CLG with their new addition Fugly, playing their first lan with him. Fugly is most definitely an upgrade compared to fns, so that’s a good thing. I do think this will definitely improve their CT a lot, their T side shouldn’t really upgrade nor downgrade.


These teams did have some history and only 1 match went in favor of CLG which was a BO1. With this being a BO3 and CLG relying on their CT side it feels like EnVyUs will just smash here. Should be a comfortable 2:0 to EnVyUs. Sure, they got upset in the past, but these were all BO1’s.  feel like they won’t get upset in a BO3


I don’t think a max is really smart here. I think going 20% here on EnVyUs should be good, when the odds get out of hand then make sure to skip or go with an ICB on CLG.

My odds for this match: CLG 15:85 EnVyUs

This one is going to be slightly shorter as it is pretty straight forward.



So obviously CLG recently, well a month or so now, they added Fugly in the place of FNS, which honestly in my books is a upgrade, I do not necessarily rate FNS too highly, not that I think that Fugly is the best player in NA and just what CLG needed all of this time, however he is a step in the right direction. CLG have been bootcamping in EU for about a week now, so that may help them a bit, an extra two rounds here, no but jokes aside, it’s good that they are showing determination however not sure how much that will help them. I just think that CLG seriously lacks fire power, they just do not have enough fraggers, and their players in general are so inconsistent, JDM and Tarik can be nuts in the fragging department, however they need to find form more often, and versus a team like Envyus, I don’t see much they can do in a BO3, in a BO1 perhaps they can scrape something, but BO3 is just seriously pushing it.  Oh and of course CLG also recently added Pita as their coach, a NiP legend to say so, so another plus, however, not sure how much that would help them again. CLG just really needs to do some miracles to upset here, and I feel like Envyus needs to screw up more than CLG has to do right, however only time will tell I guess. Do not think CLG has the players nor map pool or strats to beat Envy here, however we don’t see NA vs EU often, so I could be surprised here. CLG historically does quite well on LAN, so that is something to keep in mind.


Not at their best right now, not at all, so that is worrying, I haven’t seen them on a good spree on form for quite some time now actually. I don’t even know where to go with this one, I mean it is Envyus, top 4 team in the world, what else can you say really. I do honestly think that as long as Envyus take CLG serious and do not mess abouts, that their players are on some sort of form and just are hitting their shots, they should be taking this. Envyus have lost to CLG before, however that was in a BO1 with slightly different rosters, and on Dust2 so I am kinda overlooking that. I do not really like betting high on Envyus, I only have bad memories associated with high bets and Envyus, however lets hope for better.


Honestly, it’s almost like CLG are setup to win this, new player who improves the team, bootcamp just before the tournament, a new coach in Pita, but nah, I don’t see it happening. I mean there is always a chance, this is CSGO, one of NA’s brightest team vs a top 4 team worldwide, but it’s just that I feel like Envyus is so much more superior here. In a BO1 sure, give CLG some big props here, however in a BO3, I just do not think that CLG is stable and solid enough to pull it off, unless Envyus goes completely dumb. They have the superior players, superior map pool, superior tactics and what not, it’s just too much. As long as Envyus players don’t troll and take this serious, don’t get cocky and land their shots, they should take this. 80-20 in favor of Envy here.


Ahm I’m going to max Envyus here, or like a high bet as long as the odds get good. I don’t like betting on Envyus, a high bet on them, but I mean it’s CLG, I do not rate them at all, and I really hope that my favorite team can pull through this. As long as Envyus is above 83% here, I will go high on them and recommend doing the same. CLG could upset, however I do not necessarily see it happening, so I am somewhat confident.

My odds = 80-20 Envyus

My risk = Lowish

My bet = Waiting for odds. Most likely high Envy

My advice = High Envy if they are below 83%


My odds for this match: CLG 20:80 EnVyUs


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