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2016/03/03 04:40 UTC

Winner NRG eSports
NRG eSports

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CLG coming home from a succesfull lan, they managed to qualify for MLG and are extremely proud of this. CLG are known to be good on lan, but their online performances are always rather shaky. They can quite literally lose against any team, but also win against any team. CLG are extremely inconsistent online and that definitely does not favour them going into this match. Also, jdm bottomfragging doesn’t surely help either, he has been off this whole month and HAS to step up if CLG want to win more matches. They can’t rely on cutler every single match as it really seems like he’s carrying them.

NRG are actually a really decent team and really fun to watch. NRG are possibly the only team who really play with strats rather than aim, their aim isn’t great but with gob on their team, the strats are extremely solid and on point. On point strats in NA is rare (no offense) so that’s definitely a good thing for NRG. We have seen them play quite a few times and we know where they’re capable of, once ptr and just9n start hitting their shots they get extremely scary.

Overall a pretty close match but I think that CLG coming back from a succesful lan will affect their gameplay, jdm not being on point doesn’t help either so this is most definitely a 50-50 match. CLG might be somewhat overrated at this point as they just got qualified for MLG, but it’s still a 50-50 imo and I think NRG can upset here.

Low (5%) on NRG

My odds for this match: CLG 50:50 NRG eSports

Important game for both sides and a potential really good underdog here. NRG have shown lately they are not a side to be trifled with and under the leadership of gob b, they have gone from looking like a bunch of average players, to a side that can win maps against Liquid and C9. They should have and could have won their game against c9, so it does show you how far they have come in a short period of time. They are a side that really likes Mirage, and I can see CLG leaving this in as a lack of respect, and this could cause problems. CLG are just back from LAN, and I am sure will not be as fired up or as motivated for this game as NRG will be, and if gob b can read them well and ptr hit his AWP shots, this could be a really interesting match and as odds stand right now, I would go LOW on NRG to take this.

My odds for this match: CLG 65:35 NRG eSports


This one is tricky to call. CLG are just returning off the back of a very successful MLG Columbus major qualifier, where they of course qualified for the major which is nice. Now I am sure they celebrated a bit, however the LAN was in NA, so they did not have to travel far so I do not think the effect of the LAN will be nearly as great as if it was in EU for example. I feel like CLG has been improving as of late, at least that is the impression they are giving via Twitter and what not, saying they will breath CSGO to prepare for the major and what not, so I expect them to be quite prepared. CLG are a tricky team, since they have inconsistency issues. I really do believe that this team lacks fire power at times, especially if JDM and Tarik are not firing on all cylinders. Moving onto NRG, obviously still a kinda new team, a mix of European experience with some NA aim. So far actually, I have been impressed, I must say at first I was kinda ruling out this team, however then I sat down, looked at it in-depth and I mean, I can see how this can work. I don’t think NRG can be like top 3 NA or anything, however they can definitely be good within the region. This is another team who I think can lack in firepower, especially if they face off vs better teams, Silent, Ptr and Just9n are all really inconsistent players, and while they have been really playing lights out recently, you do have to wonder how long they can keep it up. NRG have been putting up some really good results vs teams like Liquid, Cloud9 however I do wonder their consistency once again. Overall, 65-35 CLG for me here, a bit generous however I feel CLG should be winning if they are taking this seriously. Pita and the boys have been doing good work.


5% CLG if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% NRG here.

My odds = 65-35 CLG

My risk = High

My bet = 5% CLG if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% NRG

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: CLG 65:35 NRG eSports


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