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IBP Invitational

Best Of 3
2016/03/19 22:10 UTC

Winner CLG

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CLG vs. TStorm at IBP Invitational

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Everyone knows what I think about TempoStorm but they have to keep impressing me don’t they? They managed to 2-0 against Renegades yesterday with completely skewed odds, they are looking pretty good and every single player can really frag quite consistently.

CLG also seem pretty good as of late although their opponents weren’t that good, Noble, CoL and ex-AGG were the teams they beat, the problem of CLG is that they aren’t worth a top team in NA when it comes to online matches, but on lan, they turn on and show where they’re capable of, TempoStorm seem like the complete opposite, they are beasts online and on lan they still have to learn as they seem rather inconsistent. This match will be online and I believe that as of now, TempoStorm simply look better. The most recent H2H match was the IEM Katowice qualifier (online) and TempoStorm won it 2-0 with two quite convincing scorelines. This could be a replay of that match, I expect TempoStorm to take this one as well mainly because this is an online match.

My odds for this match: CLG 35:65 TStorm

TStorm looked really solid against Renegades last night, even after a bit of a shaky start they absolutely beasted them out of the game on cobble, barely dropping a T round before wrapping the game up at 16-9. The inferno game was a lot closer but honestly shouldn’t have been after TStorm won their CT half 12-3 whilst dropping 3 rounds to force buys and then struggled on their T half due to some strong holds from Renegades but ultimately they closed it out 16-14 to take the series 2-0. They have really impressed me recently and I am a big fan of the upcoming team. I think they’re finally starting to prove people wrong and show them that they are a very strong team. They all seem to be stepping up as of late with hen1 and felps really standing out for me.

CLG for me are one of the best NA teams who can definitely show up on their day but seem to have been a little off the pace recently losing a map or 2 that they should have won and dropping a few too many rounds to teams you’d expect them to beat quite easily such as coL and ex AGG. I think CLG rely on the individual skill of players a little too much at times, mainly tarik and jdm and sometimes struggle when they don’t step up.

If this game was on LAN I’d give CLG a much better chance of winning as they always seem to step it up that extra notch on LAN but with this being online I’d give TStorm a pretty decent edge over them based on recent form and go for a small bet on them providing their odds stay below around 65%. Don’t get me wrong, CLG definitely have a chance of winning this game but I would only recommend a bet on them if their odds drop below around 35%.

My odds for this match: CLG 35:65 TStorm

Option 1Bet TStorm if odds 65% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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