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2016/02/06 11:00 UTC

Winner EnVyUs

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Cloud9 vs. EnVyUs at Game Show Global

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Both teams haven’t really looked good so far. Cloud9 did get a map against G2 in the first match, but the second match G2 seemed well prepared and destroyed C9 2:0. C9 also played against Method and this looked extremely sloppy, Method are a tier3 team and for some reason C9 did have trouble with them, a 16:14 on Cache is way too close for comfort. C9’s T side is looking extremely bad without an actual IGL, they don’t know where to go or what to do and heavily rely on Shroud or Skadoodle to get the entry pick. Freakazoid seems to be useless at this point for C9. C9 really have to get rounds from their CT side but even that, doesn’t look to good so far and also rely on Skadoodle and Shroud doing clutches. nV on the other hand haven’t really played that good either except from their most recent match against CLG, they looked extremely confident in this BO3, they did lose 1 map but that’s Overpass and we all know nV’s worst map is Overpass, they won Cache and Cobblestone without any problems.


As of now, I think this will be an easy match for nV. This is mainly because C9’s T side is extremely bad and if even G2 can hold it off, then why not nV? nV’s stronger side is the T side so I have no idea how C9 will stop this as nV are simply beasts in clutchrounds. The veto process might be favouring C9 a bit but even then, I don’t see them winning. nV should be banning Overpass or Dust2 and C9 will obviously pick the one that’s left, C9 themselves will ban Inferno. nV should imo pick Mirage or Cobblestone after that, the 3rd map could be Cache / Train / Cobblestone / Mirage and I must say, nV should win all of these, Train might get somewhat close but I think nV will ban Train and end up on Cache, and roll over C9 here. I think this will be a 2:1 to nV with losing the first map, but winning the remaining 2 quite comfortable just like against CLG.


I’m not sure where the odds will end but I think a medium bet on nV should be good enough. Make sure to skip when the odds get over 85% as I don’t see this being worth a bet. When they stay below 85% then go with about 10% of your inventory on nV.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 25:75 EnVyUs


Is it harsh if I call them Clown9? Oh ok then I won’t. Either way, before I get murdered by Cloud9 fans, lets analyse this. So I gave C9 little to no hope yesterday vs G2, and I mean they kinda lived up to my expectations. They were none existent to be honest. I do personally feel that in their first game versus G2 the score lies a bit, I do believe that they got lucky in many of the rounds they got, and of course since how CSGO works, you win a round, that can back you up two or three another rounds due to economy or what not. There is only a single player that impressed me somewhat, and that was Skadoodle, that guy had so many clutches, and influential rounds it was unreal how hard he was able to carry, especially on the first two maps vs G2 the first time around. I do feel as long as Envy keep Skadoodle quiet here, I don’t see much hope in Cloud9. They nearly lost to Method for christ sakes, Method, the team that has two standins and just I’ve no idea how they made it to this LAN, really poor performance. Oh and of course G2 then replayed G2, and got stomped 2-0 there, no big surprises and I feel that was a more fair representation of how the matchups of G2 vs C9 should’ve went, if Ska did not go full insane mode. The same problems still persist, insta veto Inferno/Mirage, you can only have one veto before they pick, so free 1-0 to Envyus, good luck with then winning the next two, it just is not going to happen. Stewie played poor, the whole C9 played poor, just nothing that gives me hope really. Their T sides look stale, no plan behind them at all, and as I said they rely way too heavily on CT, especially on Ska’s AWP and I just do not think it will work versus a team like Envy, so no hope.


I’m not going to hide around the bush and pretend Envyus is looking extremely hot here, no, they are not looking the greatest but my oh my do I hope they are able to beat Cloud9 here, and as long as they are somewhat hitting their shots and properly veto, they should be alright. Obviously Envy nearly lost to CLG, did lose to Dignitas 2-0, and just meh overall so far, however it is Envyus, and I do strongly expect them to bounce back here. Envyus to me is just a team packed with some really great aimers, and as long as they are on point, if Cloud9 attempt their ‘loose’ style, it will be curtains for them. Envyus are my favorite team, however one of my least favorite teams to bet on as their consistency is not really there to be perfectly honest. Overall not much to say really, this will all just come down to if Envy can win the free map in Inferno/Mirage, and then just land their shots and not play dumb to 2-0 Envy here, I just have little to no hope in C9. It will all come down to Envy doing their thing rather than C9 being out of the world here.


Envyus should really, really be winning this. I know C9 are decent and all, however when you are literally bots on Mirage and Inferno, playing versus a team which is quite good on those, and you are forced to play one of those unless you do a Gamers2 and ban Mirage twice for some reason, it’s an automatic 1-0 for them and you are already a heavy underdog here. Just no hope in C9 here, maybe if Envy messes up the veto they can get a 2-1, however I think it might come down to a straight 2-0 as long as Envy hits their shots, however it is Envy, and they are not the most consistent of teams and have not shown that good of a results so far, so I would not get too far ahead of myself. Overall, I do feel that in this BO3 Envy should come out on top, 28-72 in favor of Envyus here. Medium risk.


Going to go a medium, 7-10% here on Envy as long as they are below 80%. If they are above it however, I will most likely drop an ICB on Cloud9 in the hopes of some sort of an upset, however I honestly don’t see it happening, but never say never in CSGO.

My odds = 72-28 Envy

My risk = Medium

My bet = 7-10% Envy if below 80%, otherwise ICB C9

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Cloud9 28:72 EnVyUs

Will make this quick, Envy looked really poor the other day, but we all know how they play. They like to take aim duels, and honestly C9 like to do the same, and Envy should win almost all of the time if they play a game like this. The way sgares managed to take down Envy last time was by knowing what they were going to do, and studying them to the core. Nothing won’t have done this, and they will rely on an aggressive style to take this. The main problem for them is their go to map is Cache, which Envy will out aim them on. For these reasons I don’t see how C9 win this, and would suggest going MED on them, as I don’t feel comfortable with how they performed betting anymore.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 20:80 EnVyUs


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