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2016/02/05 09:00 UTC

Winner G2

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Cloud9 vs. G2 at Game Show Global

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We haven’t really seen much from this new C9. This will be their first lan with Stewie2k facing against European teams, it will be new for Stewie as well as he never played against an actual European team. My question about C9 right now is; how does this work? They have 4 aimers and 1 awper, no igl, I don’t see how this is going to work. Don’t get me wrong, Stewie, n0thing and Shroud are quality aimers but with only aim you won’t come far especially not when you face a team like G2. G2 will be playing their first match with this new brand and I can tell, they are extremely confident and hyped to win this match. They are fired up and practised a lot this week, I can’t wait to see them play honestly.


C9 only having aimers against G2, a well prepared team who practised a lot this week, I just don’t see how C9 will do it. Shroud and Skadoodle haven’t been on point either recently so C9 are gonna have a hard time against G2. I think G2 might take this BO3 fairly easily depending on the mapveto obviously. In my opinion, all Titan have to do is ban Cache. After they ban Cache, all remaining 6 maps are maps they can work with against C9. G2 should definitely and I feel like they will, win this 2:0 worst case scenario 2:1.


We haven’t seen that much from C9 so they CAN surprise us. For now, let’s stay with a low bet on G2 and see how C9 play, there’s lots of more matches to bet on tomorrow!

My odds for this match: Cloud9 30:70 G2

I am actually looking forward to this game. I think it will be a good match, and could be a really close one. It will be of course the first time we have seen Stewie perform on a big event, and how he will do will play a big role in how C9 do. I think the fact that he is only on a trial contract is testament to the fact that c9 themselves are a bit unsure. They played a few times with Stewie and they seemed ‘okay’, not amazing. They have been boot camping, so that will help, but I am still sceptical about how he will do, and I expect c9 to be shaky.

G2 or Titan as I will keep referring to them, just changed homes and it’s about time they changed their fortunes too. They don’t have a bad roster, in shox they have a player who on his day can still be one of the best players in the world, and they will need him on point tomorrow. They put up a strong performance against NiP after honestly looking really bad recently. I hope they will be fired up to playing in their new home and they can bring their A game and make this an exciting match.

Based on what we know, I feel like you need to give g2 the edge here slightly. C9 without a proper IGL leader and the inexperienced Stewie, you need to put your money on g2 if you want to bet on this game. I am unsure of how the odds will look in the morning, but right now the most sensible bet is to go LOW on G2 or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 40:60 G2


Ok once again,  by the words of my friend, PashaBiceps, new Cloud9, no chance my friend. Ok jokes aside, they have a chance but eehh, I just got no confidence in them really. I am thinking over the maps in my head and pretty sure they still can’t play Inferno and Mirage, so they ban one of those, ok G2 picks the other, presumably Inferno and that’s it, 1-0, and the other maps aren’t looking too bright either, pick Train? Dust2? Cobble? Eeh. The roster change of Stewie does not impress me either, not at all actually. He can be good in NA FPL and all, a good pugstar, however his first big LAN with the team, his first big match with the team and facing G2 here is not what he necessarily would of liked. We saw him on LAN with Torqued, imagine how this will go. N0thing to be does not stand out as a great tactician, so if Cloud9 relies on out aiming Gamers2 here, I think they are going to be in a whole new world of troubles. We haven’t seen Cloud9 too much with Stewie, have been a few matches here and there which honestly by themselves have not been impressive either, I just got little hope really. Skadoodle and Shroud have to be on fire here, which they often times have failed to replicate their online form on LAN, so yet another worrying factor, I just do not see things going too well for Cloud9, but hey, let the Eagle of Freedom fly high, and grab the Eagle of hope with him.


So this Gamers2 is basically Ex-Titan, obviously the org left the scene due to bankruptcy or whatever, won’t get into it too much as it is not relevant. Gamers2 has however been quiet for some time, they have not had the brightest of form until recently when they kinda crushed NiP, however I feel like that was NiP doing more wrong than G2 doing things well there. Gamers2 however are obviously a force to be reckoned with here, and I do think that going into this game they should be the favorites. New org, new motivation is what I am hoping for here. Overall to me tactically, G2 seems to be a lot more stable, of course there is the occasional Shox wanting to in-game lead, however for the most part it’s all good. Individually skillwise I’d also favor G2 here. The problem with G2 is their consistency, it’s scary how meh they can be at times, however at other times they can be upsetting tier 1 tiers left right and center, ScreaM in particular comes into play. If Shox, Smithz and ScreaM can play, the triple S, and play to their full potential it’s going to be unbelievably hard for Cloud9, however that happens rather rarely for G2. Just got to hope they bring their A game here really, and if that does happen it should be smooth sailing.


Overall I definitely think that as long as G2 brings their A game here, that their players, specifically ScreaM and Shoxie are hitting their shots, it should be smoothish sailing for them here. Cloud9 for me are in a rough patch at the moment, so I have little hope in them, however of course, they have players who can go off, N0thing has that little bit when sometimes he goes nuts, and of course the duo of Ska and Shroud, however like I said often times they fail to replicate their form in important games, so that’s one thing. Overall, in a BO3 I just got to favor G2 here, 67-33 in favor of them here, and I’d expect them to take this. It is a high risk game however, so approach with care here.


Honestly just play the odds here in my opinion, this is still a high risk game even though I just have little hope in Cloud9, the duo of Shroud and Skadoodle is scary. That combined with Gamers2 seemingly meh form going into this, and just inconsistencies in general. I will place 5% on G2 here as long as they are below 70% here, if they are above it however, I will go 2-3% on Cloud9 in the hopes of an upset. High risk game here, so low bets only.

My odds = 67-33 in favour of Gamers2

My risk = High

My bet = 5% G2 if below 70%, otherwise 2-3% on C9

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Cloud9 33:67 G2


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