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2016/03/14 03:00 UTC

Winner Cloud9

Cloud9 vs. Selfless at ESL

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First BO1 is going to be on Train. Train is obviously Cloud9’s best map and they seem pretty consistent on it, every single Cloud9 player knows where to play and it just looks solid. They have wins over EU teams on this map and surely belong in the top3 of the best teams in the world on this map. It’s their home map.

Selfless on Train is meh. Back when koosta was with Selfless they were fairly decent on it, koosta carried them on it with amazing CT holds and good entries on their T side, it was all koosta. Now koosta’s gone and they have Nifty, I don’t think Nifty is capable of doing what koosta always did, he’s simply not as good.

Overall a one sided match, I expect Cloud9 to take this BO1 on Train fairly easily, even though they haven’t been in the best shape, It’s still Train.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 80:20 Selfless

Cloud9 did not actually know they had to play today, and this makes me nervous going into this game. Shroud streamed all day, and n0thing was out with his Mum until they realised the day was wrong. They had to cancel their plans and prepare for 2 important matches tonight, which they really need to win. The fact they need to win them is maybe the only saving grace here. C9 have a really impressive record on Train. They have won their last few games, and it is one of the few maps that stewie seems to slot in well on. Selfless have had some good results before on it with their previous rosters, and should not be under estimated. Overall though, I feel C9 will take this, and would suggest going MED on them.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 70:30 Selfless

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