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2016/01/08 01:00 UTC

Winner Dex

CNB vs. Dex at MAX5

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CNB has some very talented players, however most people will recognize ‘steel’ who had departed from Luminosity Gaming. In an HLTV article, he had stated that he wanted to be a champion, a winner and not just to be part of ‘some other team’. CNB seems to be a very motivated team.

Their match today was against INTZ, where the game ended as a tie (15-15) on Cache. They relied heavily on steel and leon to do well. Leon top fragged out of the whole game and ended on 32 frags. Followed by steel who had 28 frags. The other 3 players weren’t looking great, as one had 16 kills and the two others had just 13 kills which is a terrible outcome.


I have never heard of any of the players in this team, but they have been around for quite some time and have been in the SA scene doing well enough to attend this LAN. They lost their game today, but only just (14-16) against against G3X on Mirage. Unlike CNB, the players on Santos played a lot more consistently with land1n hitting 24 frags, followed by the next player hitting 22, then 22, 20, 17 and then 15. As you can see, these numbers are a lot more closer together which is an indication that these players are similar in skill and don’t solely rely on one or two main fraggers to carry the team.

Final thoughts and advice

Personally, I think CNB are the better team here. I’m not sure if it’s just a ‘one off’ that certain members of that team did bad, but if that’s the case then this could end as a really close match. Basically what I think, is that leon and steel are going to need to have a great performance as well as the rest of team actually contributing frag wise if CNB wants a chance to win.

This is a BO1 and it’ll for sure be a close one. I’m slightly leaning toward CNB to win but it can do either way. Don’t bet any higher than a ‘small’ bet for your inventory size.

My odds for this match: CNB 51:49 Dex


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