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2015/12/17 04:00 UTC

Winner Conquest


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coL vs. Conquest at Faceit

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This is a very interesting match between two top North American teams, loser of this match won’t be able to qualify for ELEAGUE anymore, I assume both teams will try their best as there is over one million dollars in the prize pool.

Conquest is clearly a better team here, they have been consistently getting good results against really strong teams, recently they attended ESL ESEA Pro Leauge finals and got knocked out without winning a single match, however, they played a very close best of three against Liquid and had a close map against fnatic, other than that, Conquest beat a couple of decent North American teams such as 3sUP, Enemy eSports, CLG, compLexity and SKDC, they also had few close matches against mousesports, dignitas and VirtusPro during CEVO Finals.

compLexity don’t have an official fifth player yet, they are still using Warden (compLexity’s coach) as their fifth and he’s not a very good player, compLexity still managed to get few decent results, beat teams like Method, SPLYCE, CLG and Nexus during Northern Arena 2015, lost against CLG twice, Method, Cloud9 and Liquid, they also dropped a map against Nexus and barely tied 15-15 against Nexus Storm which is quite bad.

I’m confident with Conquest here and would suggest betting on them, might be a close match though.

My odds for this match: compLexity Gaming 35:65 Conquest

Big rumours of roster changes in coL are going around, and whether or not they are true remains to be seen. Going into this game, it really depends on which CQ we get. If we get the aggressive fearless one, I think coL will have a hard time. If we get the scared almost timid one, then coL could run away with this.

CQ didn’t put up that bad a showing against fnatic overall, but looked poor against Liquid after a poor start. They do seem to be the one side with a set roster, so I guess that will help them going forward. Twice I have seen them on Inferno vs top teams, and twice they seemed to run away and hide. When they sat really deep, surrendering map control to fnatic and c9, both times they lost heavily, and they need to be on their A game tonight.

The manager for coL, all but confirmed there will be roster changes going forward, with the only guy certain to be staying is roca. In my opinion, he is their best player, so that is good news for them as a squad. There are rumours going around that autimatic and Semphis will be leaving, and judging from the tweets their manager made, it seems people have been trying to poach their players. Judging from recent performances, I could see CLG trying to steal autimatic, as they need an aggressive rifler, but whether he leaves or not remains to be seen. One move that does seem likely, is ryx joining up with coL. He is a really good player, just has an attitude problem sometimes, and if they can curve that, would be a really good pick-up.

With the uncertainty surrounding coL, and the overall form on CQ online in NA, betting on this match is risky. The main issue for me betting on CQ is the odds. This is still a lot closer to 60-40, and although I do believe CQ will probably win, with these odds, the safest thing to do is SKIP. As Warden is playing, I will personally go LOW on CQ.

My odds for this match: compLexity Gaming 40:60 Conquest


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