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2016/02/17 02:00 UTC

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coL vs. LG at ESL

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I personally don’t think this requires that much of an analysis. CoL are a decent team and have proven me wrong earlier this week, I thought they would get smashed by Liquid but it was obviously rather Liquid just playing extremely bad, CoL managed to take Cache quite comfortably but did lose on Dust2, CoL have some good players but none of these players are as good as LG. LG have also been bootcamping and are more than ready for this BO1 on Inferno. Should be an easy clean up from LG. It’s still NA + BO1 so let’s not go too high, Medium on LG (10% of your inventory)

My odds for this match: compLexity Gaming 20:80 Luminosity

Going to have to keep this shorter, wasn’t home and now there is little time left + late for Europeans. 



So straight up this is a game that LG should be winning here. LG is a top 5 team in the world, while CoL is a brand new NA team that does have potential, have some good players in that lineup and have shown good results recently, however ehh. Their chemistry by no means is up there I do not think, and versus a team like LG, you will need more than aim to beat them out I feel, however it is a BO1 so we’ll see. The thing about LG for me is that they always seem to play worse in NA matches than they ever do on like European LAN’s, it’s strange since they are facing off versus better opponents there, much better, but they just seem to struggle on NA a bit more. They beat Liquid a few days ago in a very close game, across two maps so that’s that. Meanwhile CoL has been showing impressive results, they took a map off of Liquid, then choked the second and lost 16:14, and just a few days ago lost Inferno, today’s map to TempoStorm 16:13. Overall impressive results for this team considering how new they are. The map is Inferno, and I mean it is a good map for LG, for CoL, I’ve no idea. They had a good result on it versus TempoStorm which is something. Overall, for me this is a 70-30 considering it is a BO1. If Roca and like Dephh or Sancz go insane here, it is by no means impossible for them to take this. Like I always say, BO1, just win the pistols and antiecos, you have 6 rounds for free, then the next you can kinda scratch up. High risk game.


Honestly, given that CoL find themselves at 15%, I will simply throw 2% on them here. Recommend doing the same unless they go above 23%, in which case I’ll change my bet to a 5% LG, however do not see it happening. Like being real, the upset is unlikely however hey, with those odds, why not give it a pop right?

My odds = 70-30 LG

My risk = High

My bet = 2% CoL unless above 23%, in which case 5% LG.

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: compLexity Gaming 30:70 Luminosity


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