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2016/02/11 02:00 UTC

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coL vs. Liquid at ESL

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Current Roster


This is the FIRST game beteen these two on Lounge. Map is Cache. 


So this is a new roster, this is the first time we will see them play an official match with the current lineup. Now, this roster has not been together for much, don’t think more than a month now, however I can definitely see the potential here. CoL has a lot of impact players by the looks of it, players that can take the game by the scuff of the neck and do some magic with their fragging capabilities. They’ve brought back the old legend FroD here, and honestly kinda intrigued to see how he turns out to be, I’ve seen him FPL a few games and I haven’t been disappointed, however it’s FPL at the end of the day. And of course they brought over the UK talent, Dephh into the mix which honestly, once again wondering how that will turn out. Seen him FPL too, and seen bright things honestly, but same thing, it’s FPL. Roca, Shinobi and Sancz are regulars in the NA scene, more so Sancz and Roca, however Shinobi is a proven fragger, he knows what he is doing and definitely look out for him, Roca is insane as an entry when he is on form, definitely one of the best entries in NA right now, and Sancz is just all around good player. So by no means are CoL bad here, they have so much fragging power in this team, it’s almost absurd, however I am wondering if they perhaps have too much of it, how will the roles work and what not, I’ve no idea. They are still a very new team so do not expect their chemistry and teamwork to be on point and whatever, however this map is Cache, and they can without a doubt do their thing here, will not count them out here. Overall if the players can show up and hit their shots, I would not exclude them out of this honestly.


So Liquid are welcoming their own overseas talent in the form of S1mple, obviously a lot, a lot of hype around this team right now, however I am wondering if perhaps a bit too much. 85% right now here on a BO1 on Cache, I mean….Sure Liquid are the favorites here, however 85%? Give me a break. I’ve been stalking S1mple’s streams ever since he moved to NA, and I have him on my Steam friendslist, and he seems really confident in this, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Obviously Liquid are the best team in NA right now, however I am positive that they don’t have their chemistry locked down and what not yet, sure the majority of the guys do, and definitely a lot more than CoL, and you can kinda let S1mple just do his own thing and he should be able to destroy, however not going to get too confident here. Not much to say really, it all really comes down to how Liquid are feeling here, they should be favored, and should be winning, however we will have to wait and see.


So obviously both of these teams can play Cache, without a doubt. Honestly I feel like Liquid are being way overestimated here, CoL is the kind of team that you will see pulling off upset after upset after upset this season I feel, given that they have so much raw fragging power in every single one of their players. They definitely can make magic work here, without a doubt. This is a BO3, and all it takes it a few clutches, a few pistol rounds and you are on your way to glory honestly. From watching S1mple play FPL, he took some time to settle in however seems to be alright now, however will that be the case in official matches? We’ll just wait and see. Obviously going to favor Liquid, 65-35 in favor of them here. I don’t really want to bet this, but given the fact that CoL is on 15%, I just can’t not place 2% on them here.


Honestly my plan was just to skip this and see how both teams perform here, new rosters and what not, especially CoL. However I just can not miss this 15%, just have to place a 2% on the 15% in the hopes of an upset. NA BO1 on Cache between two top 8 NA teams in my opinion. I will skip this if CoL gets to like 25% or above, and recommend doing the same here, however as long as they remain below that 25%, 2% on them it is here.

My odds = 65-35 Liquid

My risk = High

My bet = 2% CoL if under 25%, otherwise skipping 100% and just examining teams.

My advice = Same as my bet.


My odds for this match: compLexity Gaming 35:65 Liquid


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