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compLexity Gaming

Northern Arena

Best Of 1
2015/12/06 00:50 UTC

Winner compLexity Gaming

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coL vs. Method at Northern Arena

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So right now there have only been 400 bets on this match, so I can’t tell the odds yet. Yet I’m certain that Method will have skewed odds mainly from having Shroud. Shroud is standing in for streboR at this Lan, which is obviously a huge upgrade for them. StreboR hasn’t been playing that great, and we all know what Shroud can do. Method have been up and down in their online matches, but they haven’t played too many lately. They beat Complexity 16-10 on Inferno, a 2-0 Ace win, and they had a very close game against Luminosity. That’s pretty much it, most of their other recent matches are losses.

If Complexity still had Valens, I would probably call Method to win this. However Valens just stepped down and the team brought in Warden, which I think is a pretty great move for them. Valens was struggling a lot and kind of holding Complexity back, and we haven’t really seen a lot of Warden lately. He might do well, and maybe not. We really haven’t seen him at all since he played on eLevate. Complexity have played one match with Warden playing for them, and it was a 1-2 loss against CLG.

This should be a really close match, but I have to give the slight advantage to Complexity. I’m not sure what the odds will be like as of tomorrow, but bet on CoL as long as they have less than 55%. The reason Method will have skewed odds is mostly because of Shroud, but honestly it’s not as big of a deal as you might think. With Warden instead of Valens Complexity have some really potential, and the correct bet is on them. Good luck!

My odds for this match: compLexity Gaming 52:48 Method


The Complexity lineup looks pretty good. Valens has retired and I think he works for Google now (or he got an offer there) and taking his place will be Warden. Warden is a veteran CS player who was the coach of the team before IIRC and he will be like Loord and he will be returning to active duty.

Their most recent match was their first match with Warden playing, and this was against CLG on the 1st of December. Complexity lost 1-2 after taking Cache but dropping Cobblestone and Train.


Lots of people are hyping up Method to do well here for one sole reason. Shroud. Shroud from Cloud 9 is filling the shoes of the fifth player and as we all know, he is a crazy PUG fragger and is a top NA player. Method has done really well in the past and has had some surprising results. They haven’t played too many official matches as of late, with their last one being in the middle of November.

Final thoughts and advice

I will be considering skipping this, since we don’t know how well Shroud will do on Method. This is a BO1 so really anything can happen here so I would advise either a skip or a low on the underdog which I would expect Complexity to be (Shroud fans = skewed odds?).

My odds for this match: compLexity Gaming 50:50 Method


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