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2016/01/26 17:00 UTC

Winner CPH.W

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CPH.W vs. FSid3 at ESL

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Risky but potentially decent bet of the day. Fsid3 have been in really good form lately, they virtually always win their own map, and have been beating people convincingly. I honestly don’t remember seeing them in such good form, and they will go into this game full of confidence and expect to take it 2-0.

CPH are not to be under estimated though, they took down Titan last night, and have a good IGL in gla1ve, and a really good upcoming talent in Snappi. I think this game will come down heavily to the maps, and if CPH can have a good veto, and get 2 maps they have a chance on, they have a potential for an upset. CPH have been in good form, beating Penta, having a some what close game against Dignitas, a close loss against Vexed and a convincing win against LDLC.

This is a really important game for both sides, and I do expect Fsid3 to take it, just with these odds, and the potential in the CPH side, if you want to start your day with a risky underdog bet, then this is the one for you. This is not the type of game to build your bank with as it is a high risk game, so only bet on this game if you have some spare skins to risk it on. I think you should not bet on this game until closer to the time as the map veto may go bad removing the chance for an upset. If you see Train and Mirage come up, then skip this, but if they can get maps such as Inferno or Cache, or both, then they have a chance. LOW on CPH or SKIP.

My odds for this match: CPH.W 35:65 FSid3

FSide are on point, beating all tier2 / tier3 teams left and right with pretty good scorelines as well. G2, Penta, Nostalgie, really good results, FSide are definitely on point. Same can be said about CPH, a new roster where I have high expectations of. 4 individually skilled Danes and a really good igl Hunden. This could potentially be the underdog of the day although when FSide try their best, I don’t think CPH stand a chance. FSide should win but CPH can definitely make it close. Let’s just go low on FSide.

(late)EDIT: Odds got out of hand so the best bet would have been CPH Wolves. I will be writing percentages next time when to bet what team (I can’t keep up with time nowadays)

My odds for this match: CPH.W 35:65 FSid3


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