eSport betting tips: Against all odds, together

99Damage Arena

Best Of 3
2015/12/17 18:00 UTC

Winner Arcade
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CPlay vs. Arcade at 99Damage Arena Predictions


It looks like CPlay is returning, with the signing of another Danish team. The lineup playing for this match are a bunch of unknowns in my eyes, and just looking over their HLTV stat pages, they haven’t really been in too many notable teams except KeR and Rejin who have played at a semi-pro level back in the 2012-2013 days of CS. I’m not too sure what to expect from these guys since we have little to no information on them, but I do know that they won’t play to the level that the former CPlay lineup showed us very early this year. (old lineup being the g1ave, percy, BERRY, holzt, muffleb and xanir guys).


From Vega to Arcade, these guys have made their 5th official, with COLDYY from ex-Phenomenon taking on the role of the 5th man. Gameplay wise, they have had some inconsistency but they have managed to put up some good results. They have taken a map off G2 and a map off Flipsid3 in their respective BO3’s and they are also topping their group in the Game Show Global eSports Cup (1.2 mil prize IIRC?) by beating the likes of NPME and Handface.

Final thoughts and advice

This should be a win for Arcade here, but I am interested to see what these CPlay guys have to offer and if they are a worthy contender in the professional scene right now. Right now, a medium bet on Arcade is going to come out for me since the odds are 42-58 but I don’t think the odds will stay like this quite honestly.

Small to medium on Arcade seems like a good option at the moment, but there is a little thought in the back of my head telling me to skip this match and see how CPlay play. Still though, I will be betting on Arcade.

My odds for this match: CPlay 35:65 Arcade

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