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2016/04/01 22:10 UTC

Winner Liquid

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Liquid vs. CLG at MLG

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Historically and in recent times this is a matchup that has went heavily in the favor of Liquid, and I see it continuing here. Sure I am a fanboy and whatever of Liquid, however putting everything together, I think they should be surpassing CLG here. It is a domestic rivarly here however so it isn’t as straight forward, both teams now eachother inside out so upset potential is massive. I just think that so far CLG has not shown great displays, Liquid has had a much more difficult and impressive path to where they are now, defeating FaZe and Fnatic while CLG only took off Envy and Gambit, the Envy one on paper sounds good however they are slumping so hard I don’t even know how to rate that. I just think that Liquid are too motivated and are looking too hot right now to drop a BO3 to CLG, it is very possible however Liquid favorites here. 65-35 Liquid.


5% Liquid if below 72%, otherwise 2% CLG

My odds = 65-35 Liquid

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Liquid if below 72%, otherwise 2% CLG

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Liquid 65:35 CLG

Option 1Bet Liquid if odds 72% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

I most definitely don’t like the hype around Liquid because they beat Fnatic in a BO1 on Liquid’s favourite map as well. Olofmeister was bottomfragging in this match and I have a feeling that even if CLG played against Fnatic, they coulda won it too. It’s strange to say that Liquid’s best player right now is adren, he’s been stepping up and got the most frags for Liquid against both FaZe and Fnatic, he’s been playing insane. The only player that hasn’t been playing really insane is s1mple, he’s been falling behind so far and doesn’t seem to perform too well, Liquid really need s1mple to perform as well if they want to make it to the semi-finals against LG or VP.

CLG really surprised me, beat nV in a BO1, got close against Astralis on Astralis’s best map and on top of that, beat Gambit in a BO3 quite convincingly. Against Gambit it really looked like CLG finally woke up, on Cache they were still somewhat sloppy but on Cobblestone and Mirage jdm woke up, he once again found his old form from Cluj 2015 and is hitting every single shot. On top of that, Hazed, Cutler and Tarik are all playing extremely well and really stepping it up. If CLG play like they did against Gambit on the last two maps, then I think CLG might be able to make it to the Semi’s.

NA vs. NA, obviously all NA vs. NA matches are 50-50, this is because both teams know eachother extremely well and know how they play, it’s all about whoever has the better strats and aim, as of now, the strats most definitely favour CLG, the aim really looks 50-50 with the way jdm has been performing this major. I am extremely surprised by these odds and no way in hell Liquid ever deserve 78% here, if jdm steps up as he did against Gambit, then CLG might advance to the Semi’s. I picked CLG for the Pick’em and am going to suggest a low bet on them as well, the odds are SO incredibly inaccurate, even when Liquid wins, these odds are just a joke.

My odds for this match: Liquid 50:50 CLG

Option 2Bet Liquid if odds 50% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

Country vs country is always random. I do feel like Liquid should be taking this game, but these odds are nuts for a Liquid bet. This game for me is 65-35 MAX, taking everything into consideration. I feel like if CLG can avoid Cache, and get Overpass/Cobble they have a decent chance of at least taking a map, and even if they lost D2, which Liquid should pick, neither side has the strongest of map pools, and the 3rd map could really go either way if it goes that far. JDM has been on point, and he will need to be again. As for Liquid, adreN has been their best player which is really weird to say, and with s1mple being off so far, CLG will feel good going into this. I do feel like s1mple is due a massive performance, and this could be his coming of age if he delivers today. As I said before, country vs country is always close, and both sides are relatively inexperienced of playing on stages like this and you don’t really know what will happen. With the odds how they are right now, LOW CLG is the only smart bet.

My odds for this match: Liquid 65:35 CLG

Option 1Bet Liquid if odds 65% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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