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2016/04/02 21:15 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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Na’Vi vs. Astralis at MLG

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Really hard game to call here and it could really go eitherway. The thing that annoys me here a whole bunch is that I really think that the random 3rd map will decide who wins this, especially if both teams are in it and the Danes aren’t choking in the semi-finals. Obviously Na’Vi bans Cache, anyone knows that, Astralis ban Cobblestone, then this is the tricky part as it comes down to if the teams want to go for weaknesses or their strong points, like Astralis in theory would be picking Overapss, however that is a strong map for Na’Vi, they have shown they have these tricky boosts on it and know how to play it, so does Astralis push for a Dust2 instead? Not a map that Na’Vi plays too much, they historically have been weak on it however obviously improved, had a few close scores on it recently online, it’s tricky to see what the teams will do here, I do expect a Train/Mirage from Na’Vi tho. Astralis also could go in the direction of Inferno, it’s tricky. I would favor Astralis here as I think that although their reputation of being chokers, which I hope doesn’t happen here for the sake of my potential Pick’Em, they should be determined to get this. GuardiaN has a wrist issue which has prevented him for some time now to truly and most importantly, consistently unleash the Guardian we have come to know and love, and if Device is on fire, that is some fierce competition, a ok GuardiaN won’t do if all the Astralis’ guys are on point. 55-45 Astralis here.


3% Astralis if below 60%, otherwise 3% Na’Vi. Could go eitherway, can argue either team deserves to be favorites however it is what it is.

My odds = 55-45 Astralis

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Ast if below 60%, otherwise 3% Na’Vi

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 45:55 Astralis

Option 2Bet Na’Vi if odds 40% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

I’m really unsure about this match, I have a very strong feeling that Na`Vi will take this but then again, Astralis just destroyed fnatic yesterday, seriously, fnatic losing 2-13 after the first half is definitely something we don’t see that often, they just got annihilated in this quarterfinal. Astralis are looking hot so far, beating CLG, Gambit and fnatic so convincingly is very impressive and they deserve credit for that.

Same story with Na`Vi, they demolished, Cloud9 and NiP and these matches were very one sided, I’d say they looked even better than Astralis here even though NiP are simply not as scary as fnatic, great stuff from Na`Vi.

What makes this match even harder is that the previous encounters between Na`Vi and Astralis were extremely close, there was a match in which Astralis won the first half 13-2 and Na`Vi pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the year by winning 14-1 on their own ct side, this match just confirms how close these teams are when it comes to their current skill level, and the fact that this match could go either way, Na`Vi should be very slightly favored because of their consistency though.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 55:45 Astralis

Option 2Tiny bet on the underdog

Token Bet

Pick the team with the lowest odds, place a small amount of money you don't mind losing.

Both teams have actually looked really good at this major. Navi are extremely hyped to finally win their first major. If they win this one, then they will more than likely face LG in the Grand Finals. Navi yesterday against NiP were just dominating, overall they did make some mistakes but IMO that was just Navi being a bit too overconfident, they won the game without really playing 100%, Edward was once again nuts and this guy has been the best player of Navi so far, GuardiaN and Flamie aren’t doing bad either so the Navi we’re seeing right now, is the best Navi since ever and might even be playing the best CS we’ve seen this entire year.

Astralis finally managed to take down Fnatic, after trying and trying they finally beat them. I wouldn’t say that they ”just” beat them, they completely demolished them with a 2-0 victory on two far from close maps. Sure, Astralis might have been lucky that Fnatic were sort of playing 4v5 and I’m 100% certain that if Olof did not have wrist problems Astralis would not be standing here but in the end, Astralis still played extremely well against 4 on point Fnatic players.

This is going to be it, either team will (most likely) face LG in the Grand Finals of this major and might go home with A LOT of money and obviously, win their first major. Both Astralis and Navi are extremely hyped and both want to AT LEAST get in the Grand Finals. I overall think that this match won’t really be decided by maps, It’s all going to depend on the individual performance. The most recent H2H match was the final of the CounterPit and honestly, Astralis just got out-aimed hard there, they had no chance and got completely destroyed, Navi had no mercy and showed them how good Navi can be, I wouldn’t be surprised when this H2H goes the exact same way. Sure, Navi have been playing good but the scary thing is; they can even do better when GuardiaN hits all of his shots whereas for Astralis, they are on their peak right now and I don’t think that they can do any better. I really think that Navi are just better overall and should be winning this BO3 and advance to the Grand Finals. It’s going to be an extremely close game, so I rather just enjoy the match than going huge and clench here, I suggest a low bet on Navi.

Another thing to mention and to be afraid of; Astralis’s Semi-Final curse (they always lose in Semi-Finals)

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 60:40 Astralis


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