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2016/04/12 17:00 UTC

Winner Astralis

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CSGL vs. Astralis at Dreamhack

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This is a game that Astralis should be taking. Like I always say, they do not lose to scrubs outside of the Top 10, ever. CSGL are a decent side, just really, really inconsistent. They tend to do well when nobody gives them a chance, and then lost to XPC when everybody gives them a chance, a big one at that, really strange and annoying. CSGL has had a few good results over their time as a team, I am not completely counting them out however this one should be a tough cookie for them. Astralis are just better in every aspect compared to CSGL, however do not go high here, I’ve seen bigger upsets happen, and this is a BO1 so you can never be too safe. 80-20 Astralis


10% Astralis under 92%, otherwise SKIP/ICB CSGL. Also make sure your 10% is above 300$ so you get a return, otherwise do not bother.

My odds = 80-20 Astralis

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% Astralis under 92%, otherwise SKIP/ICB CSGL.

My advice – Same as m bet if your 10% above 300$ so you get a return, otherwise do not bother.

My odds for this match: CSGL 20:80 Astralis

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Pick the team with the lowest odds, place a small amount of money you don't mind losing.

CSGL seem to just .. be so extremely inconsistent. CSGL have the potential to become an actual top tier2 team but it’s just their inconsistency that kind of ruins it, they’ve beaten multiple teams the past few weeks but in their most recent match they got stomped by HR in a BO3, 0-2.

Astralis are that one team who have this ”anti upset” cheat where they just run over all tier2/3/4/5 teams on every single lan. Astralis have a good record when it comes to groupstages and rarely loses matches there unless it’s against a tier1 team. Astralis are possibly the most consistent tier1 team when it comes to tier2/3/4 matches.

Possibly the safest match of today, Astralis really shouldnt’ be losing this one. They are the better team and are known for doing good in the groupstages. They should win this BO1 fairly easily.

My odds for this match: CSGL 15:85 Astralis

Feel like this is one of the easiest to call games on the first day. Astralis are always dominating in the early stages, and very rarely if ever, lose to teams below them in the process. CSGL are a side you don’t really know what to expect from. They are incredibly inconsistent and hard to predict. Some games they seem good, and the next they seem terrible. I do think that astralis will win this game fairly easily, and I can see it ending up on Train or a map such as that. MED on astralis if you want to bet, or SKIP.

My odds for this match: CSGL 25:75 Astralis


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