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Counter Pit League

Best Of 2
2016/03/02 19:00 UTC

Winner FSid3

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CSGL vs. FSid3 at Counter Pit League

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With the amount of IEM matches going on, nearly forgot about this one. So a BO2 between these two, meaning that if it ends in a 1-1, your skins are safe and returned to you, this adds a cushion of safety for the overdogs I feel, like I say everytime since it is obviously easier to win one map than two. We saw Flipsid3 at the MLG Columbus LAN very recently, where they actually qualified for the major, they beat Selfless, or well NME in a close battle, lost out 16:14 to G2 where I feel they should have won it, however failed to close it out, and then completely demolished TempoStorm. Overall really strong recent perforamances from F3 and I always say that they are really good when on fire, however for them to be on fire it really does take a lot. Online they often produce a lot more subpar results, may it be due to lack of motivation or what, I don’t know however I know for a fact that they are shakier online than on LAN. This is a must win match for F3 if they want to keep fighting in the Counter Pit League, so they should be taking this seriously. CSGL are kinda like F3, but to a more bigger extreme. Their off game is really poor, when they are not feeling it, they are really poor. However when CSGL is on form, they can be deadly and definitely capable of defeating F3. Overall, 65-35 in favor of F3, keeping in mind that it is a BO2.


5% on F3 if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% CSGL

My odds = 65-35 F3

My risk = High

My bet = 5% F3 if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% CSGL

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: CSGL 35:65 FSid3

This is a massive game for CSGL if they want to go through and they need to take at least 1 map from this game. I don’t see how FS can progress through this group as their current R/D is -20, with CSGL and SK currently being +27. So even if they won 16-0 both maps, they still would lose out to SK in second place. I cannot actually find the rules any where that confirm this so it is a little confusing. Overall though, with FS just back from the states and CSGL needing to try their hardest for at least 1 map here, a LOW bet on them seems to make sense.

My odds for this match: CSGL 40:60 FSid3


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