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2016/03/14 21:00 UTC

Winner CSGL

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CSGL vs. FSid3 at Dreamhack

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This is the final round of the first qualifier for Dreamhack Masters Malmo, the winner of this match will qualify for the lan event, the match itself is very exciting as both teams did great in their previous matches, Lounge Gaming managed to beat PENTA 2-0 and pulled off a massive upset against dignitas, also winning the series 2-0 with a very convincing 16-3 score on cobblestone, which was picked by the danes.

FlipSid3 beat Preparation and Ancient, both matches went 2-1 in favor of FlipSid3 and they looked really good yesterday, their ESL ESEA Pro League matches didn’t go that well, however FlipSid3 have no chance in qualifying anymore, so they didn’t try that hard I suppose.

Lounge Gaming are the clear underdogs coming into this match, basically because FlipSid3 beat them pretty much every single time in the previous encounters, they are also much more consistent than Lounge Gaming and should have an edge here. Overall the match is very risky, but I’m confident with FlipSid3 due to their past head to head results against CSGL.

My odds for this match: CSGL 40:60 FSid3

Option 1Bet FSid3 if odds 65% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

Should be a good game, and a game that I actually wanted to bet on today until it was postponed. I think that FS for sure have the edge here. Their record against CSGL is really impressive, and they completely demolished them just recently. The main issue with CSGL is you never really know which version you are going to get. Some games they are terrible, and the next they are amazing. The good thing for us is their amazing day was the day yesterday, and today could be completely different. Overall I feel like FS have been in really impressive form, and always seem to qualify for things like this, and I expect this game to be no different. LOW on FS seems to be the most logical bet.

My odds for this match: CSGL 40:60 FSid3

Option 1Bet FSid3 if odds 65% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

On paper a really close match. We saw CSGL yesterday how they stomped Dignitas and we were all surprised by this. CSGL’s main problem is their inconsistency, one day they can play like a tier1 team and the other day they play like a tier6 team, all jokes aside, CSGL can’t be considered ”good” yet. They have to show us what they are capable of here today, against FlipSid3.

We saw how FlipSid3 struggled against Preparation yesterday, a match they maybe should have lost but they somehow managed to pull through and get a 2-1 win. After that they played against Ancient and this looked like a replay, they were 0-1 behind and once against managed to win 2-1 on Overpass and Mirage, Obviously maps FlipSid3 love playing.

CSGL always have a hard time against FlipSid3, the main thing that’s causing this is the mappool, FlipSid3 might be somewhat weak on Inferno and this is obviously CSGL’s insta-ban, FlipSid3’s worst map is Dust2 and this is an insta-ban for them. So basically in all CSGL vs. FlipSid3 matches, both of FlipSid3’s weaker maps get veto’ed. All the remaining 5 maps are maps where FlipSid3 are extremely strong and consistent on, they even manage to beat tier1 teams on these maps. The most recent H2H went 2-0 in favour of FlipSid3 with 16-3 and 16-1 scorelines on Cobblestone and Train, again, maps FlipSid3 love playing. I personally think that this will be a replay, FlipSid3 just have so much advantage playing against a team like CSGL. I feel pretty confident in FlipSid3 taking this one. Another thing to mention is that CSGL playing like they did yesterday isn’t a daily thing.

My odds for this match: CSGL 35:65 FSid3


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