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Operation Kinguin

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2016/02/09 18:00 UTC

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CSGL vs. Gambit at Operation Kinguin

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CSGL have had a roster change. -oskarish and +peet. Picking up oskarish was quite the gamble since he is young and inexperienced, but at the same time, that’s what Cloud 9 is doing with Stewie2k. Oskar is a good player but to compete at the level CSGL is playing at, he needs to grow with the team and learn. At the end of the day, he was unable to do that and was unfit for playing with CSGL.

CSGL aren’t a good team to bet on or against in my opinion. They’re either good or bad and there’s no telling how they’ll do. An example of this was when they lost to OpTiC and a lot of people thought it would be a cruisy match for the Polish side. Since CSGL removed him, they have played 3 matches with peet (ex-Vexed player). One tie, one loss and one win. They tied to SK, lost to Team YP and won against Pixelfire. Still some pretty questionable and shaky performances, but I believe with peet they’re back on track to becoming a good team like they were before many months ago.


This team was built around the legend “Dosia” and is still a relatively new CIS team. Dosia and the Kazakhstan’ian duo AdreN and mou played together in Hellraisers in 2015. Waylander was part of the Piter roster but left the scene for a bit due to mandatory Finnish army duty. Hooch isn’t the best player to be honest but in his past, he’s floated around in the CIS teams.

Gambit played in the CIS Minor which had a $50,000 prize pool and was affiliated with Valve. Gambit’s true colors were displayed as they went undefeated throughout the whole event and at the end won $30,000 and a spot in the MLG Columbus Main Qualifier. Gambit won against eXplosive, Method and the Rebels twice – one match being an insanely long 36-32 and 16-14 game.

Final thoughts and advice

Definitely a risky match and a 51/49 game with me leaning slightly toward a Gambit win. They are mostly veterans with a lot of experience while I’m still waiting for CSGL to win something significant. Gambit have more potential at the moment and considering their performance at the Minor, I would say Gambit are a bit of a threat to the CIS scene. (P.S MINISE may be playing instead of peet, but don’t quote me on that).


My odds for this match: CSGL 50:50 Gambit

Think this could potentially be a good underdog bet, although a really risky one. Both sides are incredible inconsistent. Words cannot express how good CSGL can look one day, and how bad they can look the next. They showed this last week with their performances against YP and PF. Against PF they were on point, they were aggressive, they looked strong and organised. Against YP, well they were nothing.

Gambit which contains a lot of the old HR roster, are a side that too can be inconsistent. This is mainly due to how they play. They do really dumb things sometimes. For example, peaking in a 1v1 when the guy isn’t defusing, pushing when they have the advantage as a CT. They have a large amount of raw skill, but they make a lot of mistakes from time to time.

Due to this being a game that could potentially go either way, and the real odds for me being closer to 60-40, the most logical bet you can do on CSGL is to go LOW on them to win. As for Fanobet, I would suggest CSGL to win 1 map as a safer bet, them to win or +2.5 maps for an accumulator perhaps.

My odds for this match: CSGL 40:60 Gambit


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