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Best Of 3
2015/12/15 18:30 UTC

Winner CSGL
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CSGL vs. Melty at D!ngIT Predictions


Coming in to this match, CSGL is the obvious favorite here. To begin this little league off, we saw CSGL smack the female team ‘WRTP’ with a 2-0 victory, allowing WRTP to gain a whopping total of 7 rounds across the two maps. CSGL have showed us this past month that they are a decent T2 team, sometimes struggling but for the most part they can pull a win out of their hat and win VS T3 teams.

A recent loss was to Mouz, 0-2 but again, with close scorelines in both of the maps (19-21 and 15-21). Also an interesting match against a T3 team was against the Estonian team, OnlineBots. It was a BO3 and CSGL won 2-1 but with a lot of difficulty. OnlineBots took Mirage off CSGL on the final round, forcing the series to go to the final map, Overpass. Again, it went to the final round and CSGL only just won that match through the skin of their teeth, 16-14. If OnlineBots can do that, melty sure do have a small chance here.


Definitely one of the better underground French teams here, and on the 2nd of December, they finalized their squad with the acquisition of GMX (ex-thrower on Epsilon back when that was a thing with ScreaM on there) and LaAw. Melty played in the 27th edition of D!ngIt, which they won in the grand finals against Fraternitas. This goes to show that small teams like melty do want to advance their team and get known by winning and doing well.

Their only match this month was played merely hours ago against eSuba to advance here, the upper bracket finals. Melty won 2-0 on Inferno (16-4) and Dust 2 (16-14).

Final thoughts and advice

I’ll be hitting melty with an ICB if they get under 20% odds, but this should be a textbook win for CSGL if they decide to not stuff around. There’s no doubt in my head that CSGL is the better team here, but since melty is one of the top T3 teams, perhaps they could take a map off CSGL and on the off chance, maybe 2? Who knows here, but ICB melty if the odds are 20% or under for them is what I’ll be doing.

My odds for this match: CSGL 80:20 Melty

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time it will be between CSGL and Melty. It is a best of 3 and the maps are TBA. This match is the upper bracket final for DingIT cup. I don’t trust this league so i recommend a skip overall. I will still write a prediction thought.

CSGL is looking decent. They had a confident win against LDLC.White and a close 2-0 lose against Mouz ( 21-19 on mirage an 21-15 on cache). CSGL also played the female team WRTP. It was as expected an easy win for CSGL. Normally i would favor CSGL to win this. However since it is upper bracket final they could throw this match. Go to lower bracket and still win the finals.

Melty is going pretty good they are a decent team with promising results. I would actually be surprised if they get rekt by CSGL. They might lose it but i think they can put up a fight and even take a map or win the full match. They are on a winning streak and had good results against eSuba, fraternitas and ESC. However only the match against eSuba was yesterday the other are 3 weeks ago. They rekt eSuba 16-4 on inferno and won 16-13 on dust2 against them.

For this match i recommend a skip. If you like taking risks and underdog bet should be best here since it is dingit and even if CSGL loses they can still win the finals.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: CSGL 60:40 Melty

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