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Road to Las Vegas

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2016/01/07 21:45 UTC

Winner OpTic Gaming
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OpTic Gaming

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CSGL vs. OG at Road to Las Vegas

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OpTic Gaming


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This game is going to be extremely exciting as we get to see OpTiC’s new team perform against a European team, truly putting an American team with a new organization to the test to see if they have any potential to make it as big as the NA hope. Sadly, I doubt that OG will be going to be winning this game unless they have a mastermind to be leading this team to victory, which is unlikely. OpTiC is a team that was just originally known as Conquest, an inconsistent team that beat one EU team in a BO1 that wasn’t feeling too well during a LAN. Conquest is a great NA team although when compared to the world of EU, aren’t anywhere near a tier 2 team, maybe a tier 3 team. OpTiC’s roster can perform well online although their international LAN performance is lacking, especially when compared to CSGL. Player performance is great as they have a great NA AWPer along with talented riflers such as RUSH and daps although skill isn’t much as they’re just as well endowed as team CSGL. Overall, OpTiC is going to be put to a test that they have an extremely likely chance of failing.

The reason I say CSGL is has a more likely chance of winning this game than team OpTiC is because of their experience along with them being in a peek in performance recently. Team CSGL has been through a lot of LANs and even majors, specifically Dreamhack 2014 while running under the organization of ESC. Even some of the players have subbed in for majors, such as Michu and innocent subbing in place for Virtus Pro. Talent runs through this team, although that isn’t their LARGE selling point. The main reason CSGL has a spectacular performance, especially now is because of their great team work and knowing each other extremely well. Team CSGL’s roster has been with each other for an extremely long time, making one roster change within the past year and it was for the better as they seem to be performing at an excelling rate. team CSGL is an overall better taem than team OpTiC although it isn’t so overbearing that OpTiC is expected to lose 0-2. I wouldn’t be surprised if OpTiC won one map against CSGL or even give them a struggle on all maps but they won’t be winning more than one map in this game.

Recommended bet: MEDIUM CSGL

My odds for this match: CSGL 65:35 OpTic Gaming

Interesting game here and one I had hoped would make CSGL the underdogs but unfortunately did not happen. I still think they will take it though, and this should be a really exciting game. The CSGL boys have looked really good since they picked up mouz and moved Loord back to his IGL/Coaching role. They managed to take down dignitas, Vexed, and mousesports all in convincing fashions and looked really good doing it.

Thei opponent for today will be the OpTic roster who just recently joined up with this giant organisation. They are a decent side, but lack experience, and in the big games so far, seemed to have choked a bit, sat too deep, and made silly mistakes that they shouldn’t be making. They are still a decent side, and especially in Rush, NAF and stanislaw, have 3 of the best players NA has to offer right now.

I do hope the odds will move closer together, but this should still be a really good game, and I would suggest going LOW on CSGL. This is a really risky game and could go either way, but with what is on the line for this match, I trust in the impressive Polish guys to take this game, and really show people what they are made of.

My odds for this match: CSGL 60:40 OpTic Gaming

This match is insanely hard to call, both teams seem to be on the same level right now and both had decent results in the last month or two, Optic are top 2-3 in North America in my opinion, they constantly beat other top NA teams and pretty much never get upset by lower teams, that’s what makes them really good – consistency.

CSGL are playing very well since the addition of mouzinho, the chemistry is still there as they played together back in Gamers2 and he’s way better than Loord who was just a dead weight in the team, CSGL are not as consistent as Optic, but their recent results are very promising, they 2-0’d mousesports in which they destroyed them 16-1 on mirage, beat dignitas, LDLC.White, and a couple of mediocre tier 2/3 teams like Vexed and melty.

This match could go either way really, I would slightly favor Optic here, mostly because of the match being played in North America, so CSGL might play on a massive jet lag, but also because of Optic’s consistency which is their biggest advantage here.

My odds for this match: CSGL 45:55 OpTic Gaming


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