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2016/03/14 19:00 UTC

Winner XPC


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Lounge Gaming had a great run on the first day of Dreamhack Master Malmo qualifier, they managed to beat PENTA and dignitas, 2-0 in both matches, the match against PENTA isn’t that surprising as these teams are on the same level, however I didn’t expect Lounge Gaming to even take a map off of dignitas, what’s even more surprising is that Lounge Gaming won 16-3 on cobblestone which is dig’s best map and their results on cobble have been extremly impressive.

This time we have Lounge Gaming up against XPC which is a mediocre romanian team, can’t say much about them as they rarely play against better teams, but surely they are not good enough to defeat Lounge Gaming in their current shape, should be a safe match despite the best of one format.

My odds for this match: CSGL 90:10 XPC

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Don't waste money on this match.

CSGL managed to do the impossible yesterday, they quite literally STOMPED Dignitas in a BO3 with 16-13 and 16-3 scorelines on Cache and Cobblestone. I was surprised about this as usually Dignitas are so much better and CSGL are just hella inconsistent, but then again, it’s CS:GO and anything can happen. CSGL can go from bots to gods within 30 minutes apparently (yes I’m talking about the match vs Penta). Anyway, CSGL are not in an easy group at all, they are in a group with ex-Vexed and Empire so this match against XPC is a must win match as the other two opponents are extremely hard to beat, I’m sure CSGL will try their best here and not do what they did too many times this year; play like bots.

XPC, a team that consists of the best players in Romania possible.WHitE is obviously the best player but is not a player who can compete with tier2 teams. XPC overall should never be able to beat a tier2 team, they are a tier5 of themself who can compete with teams such as iNation but teams like Pixel already seem impossible to beat for them, and Pixel are a tier4 max themself.

Should be a quick and easy BO1 to CSGL. They are 2 tiers ahead and shouldn’t give XPC more than 8 rounds. CSGL did weird things in the past, but when they lose this one then there’s most definitely something sketchy going on and they should be permanently banned from all betting websites if you ask me. I might personally max this one on CSGL.

My odds for this match: CSGL 90:10 XPC

CSGL is working pretty good nowadays, they managed to beat Dignitas and Penta, both was for Dreamhack qualifier. Against dignitas it was a big surprise to win on Dignitas best map. They’ve bad on inferno and dust2, not even more. XPC is a tier4 team, whose playing good in Romanian cups but nothing more. They lost against Pixel 5-16 whose are top5 team in Hungary. I hope everybody know how good is the Hungarian scene. Its sh*t. They have SEMINTE and WHiTE whose are pretty good tier4 players, maybe they can upset to tier3. This match will be BO1 but the risk is low because the CSGL never throw. I feel like 16-2 for CSGL.

High (15%) on CSGL


My odds for this match: CSGL 90:10 XPC

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Don't waste money on this match.


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