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Counter Pit League

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2016/02/08 22:30 UTC

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CW vs. ATN at Counter Pit League

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CPH just back from LAN, where they had a good showing til the point where Ence demolished them. They were basically playing 4v5 however due to gla1ve having a collapsed lung and forcing himself to play with extreme pain because he didn’t want to let his side down. In reality, this possibly let his side down more as he ended with a measly 10 frags over 2 maps. Gla1ve won’t be playing today due to this, and there is no news yet on who they will be getting, but he is an important player for them and it will hurt them. My guess is it will most likely be another Dane from Granted or epiphany.

ATN will of course be playing a game earlier in the day so will have time to warm up before this match. Hopefully they can win the earlier game or at least draw it and then we hope the odds are good enough in this game to bet on them. With CPH just back from LAN, and this being a BO2, I expect ATN will be able to get at least 1 map here and therefore your skins should be safe. I do still think CPH have a chance here even with a stand-in, so I would only recommend going LOW with this game being a HIGH risk.

My odds for this match: CW 35:65 ATN


So Gla1ve is not playing here, his lung collapsed during the LAN they attended a few days ago which is really bad for the guy, wish him the best. He made a post yesterday on Facebook saying that he will stay in the hospital for 3 days, and I mean unless they give him a PC, headset and all in the hospital to play this, don’t reckon he will to be honest. So the standin is not announced, but already, one of their better players dropping like that, ehh, bad news for them. Of course CPH are the underdogs for me here, they attended the LAN a few days ago, beat RCTIC, however nearly lost the first map, then played versus Ence, and this is where Gla1ve had the collapsed lung, obviously they got trashed and he put up a poor performance, however that was to be expected. For me CPH are really up and down, I do think that they can put up a good fight versus Attax on a normal day, but given how this is a BO2 and they are using a standin, just back from LAN, for them to get two maps here would be really surprising for me.

Alternate Attax

So Attax going into this are the favorites for me, even if CPH.W were in perfect shape, I’d still favor Attax here. Attax for me are rising really quick as a team right now, they are getting good results, of course with those there are some poor ones, take for example the 16:14 win versus INation on Train, they won, however way too close for comfort. I feel like part of Attax’s success has to of course come down to the whole team and what not, however this Keev is unbelievable at times, really solid player and to be honest, would not be surprised to see Mouz snag him up at some point, if he keeps performing at a really high standard. The whole team is able to contribute however in the fragging department, which is quite good as you do not have to have one single player turn up hard everytime you play, and when he doesn’t you either struggle really hard or lose. Overall, as long as Attax take this seriously and land their shots, they should not get 2-0’d here.


So overall, Attax should not get 2-0’d here. CPH just back from LAN, missing a player and Attax overall just being the better team, just really should not happen, however lets still be cautious. I am going to favor Attax a bit here, considering these circumstances, especially since it is a BO2, and if it ends in a 1-1, your skins get returned, but anyway, 68-32 in favor of Attax here. Medium risk game given that it is a BO2. Expect Attax to get at least one map, if not two, if they don’t get at least one I will be rather surprised. As long as they can land their shots and aren’t off today, they should be alright.


Pretty risky bet, but I am going to place 7% on Attax as long as they are under 75% here. Just have confidence that they might get at least one map here. If you want to be super safe, just go low instead on the same odds, no harm in being more careful, it’s better actually when you come to think of it. Eiterway, if they are above 75% however, will drop 2-3% on CPH in the hopes of an upset.

My odds = 68-32 Attax

My bet = 7% Attax if under 75%, otherwise 2-3% CPH

My advice = Same as my bet, if want to be more safe, go low Attax instead with same odds.

My odds for this match: CW 32:68 ATN


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