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Counter Pit League

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2016/02/17 20:40 UTC

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CW vs. Ence at Counter Pit League

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CW still playing with their stand-ins against the really inconsistent side of Ence. You never reallly know what you are going to get from them. Some games they are flying on all fronts and look really impressive, and then in other circumstances they seem poor. All of their players except for perhaps stonde suffer from inconsistencies and this is the main cause for their fluctuation in their performances.

CW of course still playing with Niko and tabu is actually a good thing now, as the players should now be accustomed to one another which will improve their teamwork, deepen their map pool, and give them a higher chance of taking this. Especially with being good on maps such as Mirage and Cobble, they have a good chance of taking one of them against Ence, so long as they avoid D2.

This game for me will most likely be 1-1, or 2-0 to Ence, but I have recommended a few times to bet on the Finnish side now and almost regretted every one of them. CW would of won 2-0 against Torpedo, if not for Percy’s PC dying, and Ence always seem to struggle against the same side. With the odds being currently how they are, the most logical thing to is to go LOW on CW on CSGL, or pick them to take at least 1 map on Fanobet.

My odds for this match: CW 40:60 Ence


Last time these two played eachother was on a LAN, a week or two ago where CPH got absolutely smashed, 16:4 and 16:7. Now that was with a slightly different roster here, CPH had Glaive and Hunden playing, which they do not have currently. Also, Glaive had a god damn collapsed lung in the middle of that, so I think they were more concerned about that rather than the game. None of the less, instead of Glaive and Hunden, we got Tabu and Niko playing here, no not the Niko from MouseSports, but the Danish one. Still pretty good, a young and up coming talent so to speak, has insane aim at times. Now the problem here is the leadership, they are losing Hunden who contributes to almost nothing fragwise except for in-game leading, so he is kinda a big miss here. Niko and Tabu are not necessarily in-game leaders, so they might adapt a puggy style, which I am not a fan of. This is a BO2, which means that if the game ends 1-1, the skins are returned here. Adds an extra cushion of security here. I definitely think that CPH should be able to get at least one map here, and the odds get a bit more favored in their favor. 67-33 for Ence for me here.


Since it is a BO2, if it ends 1-1 your skins are returned. Adds a cushion of safety for the overdog here. For me this is tricky, since missing two of your main players is tricky, especially if one is a in-game leader. You can replace a headshotter, but an IGL is harder. As long as Ence is below 73%, I will drop 5% on them, otherwise if they are above it, 2-3% on CPH.

My odds = 67-33 Ence

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Ence if under 73%, otherwise 2-3% CPH

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: CW 33:67 Ence


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