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2016/04/11 18:00 UTC

No Winner Announced

CW vs. LDLC.Blue at CEVO

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Tough to call game here. Both times they played before, LDLC won, but my gut still tells me CPH will take this game. Both the victories before came in BO1’s. One of them was on Overpass, when gla1ve was not playing 100%, and the other was a tight game on Inferno, which we all know can be random in a BO1. I do think that CPH are the better side, have more individual skill, and SHOULD still be able to take this regardless of the previous results. The smartest bet does seem to be LDLC, but my gut tells me CPH take this, so the most logical decision is to purely play the odds. 65-35 in favour of CPH, so bet according to that. Or if this toss up of a game is too hard to call, then just save your skins for tomorrow.

My odds for this match: CW 65:35 LDLC.Blue

Option 2Bet LDLC.Blue if odds 30% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


This is a really tricky one to call here. For me on paper and from what I have seen, CPH is the better team here, not by too much however they are better, for now at least. LDLCBlue has potential. I think that Bouly and YOUYOU in particular when they go off, can be really good for their team and carry to victories, so watch out for them too here. My problem here is that CPH has like 30 hours average on steam the past 2 weeks, which is really, really poor considering I have that much, and I have been barely playing the god damn game. LDLC doesn’t have much more, like 50 average however that’s a nicer number to look at. Also these two played two BO1’s somewhat recently, one on Overpass on 5th of February which went 16:13 in the direction of LDLC, and then on the 23rd of March they played a 16:10 to LDLC on Inferno, so not good signs. The problem for CPH for me is that they seem to do well vs opposition where they should struggle against, however then when it comes to teams like this, they do struggle at times.


3% CPH if below 72% otherwise 3% ldlc

My odds = 65-35 CPH

My risk = High

My bet = 3% CPH if below 72% otherwise 3% ldlc

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: CW 65:35 LDLC.Blue

Option 2Bet LDLC.Blue if odds 28% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

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