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2016/03/23 19:10 UTC

Winner LDLC.Blue

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CW vs. LDLC.Blue at Starseries

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CW sadly didn’t manage to qualify for DreamHack Malmo even after their beast performance against G2. This is quite sad IMO, they beat G2 in a BO3 and had to face Ancient in a BO3 and got stomped 2-0. CW tried their best but sadly DreamHack is just a thing they can dream of as of now. Overall CW are looking really good, we know where they’re capable of and their mappool is huge, the only map they most definitely can’t play is Cache, all the remaining 6 maps are maps they are extremely good at and that’s the strongest thing of this team.

LDLCBlue on the other hand have IMO improved a lot. They were once that tier4 team who were just incredibly bad and not able to beat anyone but as of now, I would say they’re even better than LDLCWhite, they have some decent results against tier2 teams and seem to be beating tier3 teams as well fairly consistently.

Overall this is a really scary BO1, LDLCBlue are perfectly capable of beating CW here but the thing is, CW’s form as of now is outstanding and seem unbeatable by tier3 teams. The only thing that worries me is their lack of motivation, they got stomped on their road to DreamHack and that’s not a good thing for your motivation at all. I do expect CW to win this one but it’s going to be incredibly close, going to play the odds here.

My odds for this match: CW 70:30 LDLC.Blue

Option 2Bet LDLC.Blue if odds 25% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


Tricky BO1 here. Obviously this favors CPH here, however LDLC can do damage here. I was watching LDLC play SK yesterday and they got de_rekt first map, so hard, 2nd map they won however SK can not play Dust2 to save their lives for some reason and then 3rd map de_rekt 2.0 happened again. LDLCBlue is not a bad side, not at all, they have good players like YOUYOU and Bouly that when go off make the team lethal, and they definitely can upset CPH in a BO1. Here as I said it is just crucial if the star players for LDLCBlue turn up, and if Hunden and smF decide to contribute to something somewhat. If YouYou and Bouly are hitting their shots like yesterday vs SK on Dust2, it is definitely possible. CPH themselves have been on a big tilt of improvement recently, so that is a positive sight to see. I checked the steam hours on CSGO and both teams have about the same average, so no heavy advantages there. Overall, not much to blah on about, 70-30 CPH for me, just play the odds here.


5% CPH if under 75%, otherwise 2% LDLC

My odds = 70-30 CPH

My risk = High

My bet = 5% CPH if under 75%< otherwise 2% LDLC

My advice = Same as my bet



My odds for this match: CW 70:30 LDLC.Blue

Option 2Bet LDLC.Blue if odds 25% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

Copenhagen Wolves are playing better than ever, they did great in the qualifier for Dreamhack Masters Malmo where they managed to eliminate teams like Platinium, E-Frag, PENTA and even Gamers2, Copenhagne Wolves were just one round away from qualifying and unfortunately lost 0-2 against Ancient and didn’t make it in the end.

Different story with LDLC Blue as they used to be better but lately their results were rather disappointing, they played three very close matches against Dead Pixels, Platinium and Epiphany Bolt, won 2-1 in all three matches, also managed to beat GameAgents 2-0 which is actually quite impressive, other than that, LDLC Blue got absolutely demolished by SK Gaming, HellRaisers and lost 7-16 against “C5” which is a random team from Jordan, no idea what happened there but that’s just sad.

So overall Copenhagen Wolves looked way better, however it is still a best of one and there is a possibility that LDLC Blue could upset here if the veto process goes wrong or whatever, but Copenhagen Wolves should have a big advantage and I’m pretty sure they will take this match, they are doing great right now.

My odds for this match: CW 70:30 LDLC.Blue

Option 2Tiny bet on the underdog

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