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SoStronk KOTH Asia

Best Of 3
2015/12/03 13:00 UTC

Winner CZen
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CZen vs. Mongolz at SoStronk KOTH Asia Predictions

Pretty hard to call game here. On the one hand, we have the Chinese side of Czen, containing some of the old legendary players from China. Czen are the Chinese superstar team, put together containing legends of the game in Asia. Savage is one of the most known and widely praised players out of China since 1.6. The other main superstar from this roster, is zhokiNg who played for QeeYou until recently, and honestly was a 1 man army in some games. Advent and aumaN both used to also play for QeeYou, and are both players of a high level as well.

Mongolz or team Mongolia, as some of you might remember, are also a very good side. Machinegunman especially is a very impressive player, boasting a KDR of 1.26. He has been known to go massive when it is needed, and carry the team almost on his own. Mongolz will need him and ncl on point if they are to take down zhokiNg and co.

Right now, the odds don’t make for THAT good a bet on the Mongolz side, but Czen seem to be having a few issues right now, and they are showing signs they need to work harder on their game. Because of these reasons, I would suggest going LOW on Mongolz, but remember this is a HIGH risk game as credible information about teams in that region is not that easy to come by. If the odds move too much on Mongolz, or your bank roll is small, skipping here is more advisable.

Edit: With the odds currently moving up on CZen, I would honestly go LOW on them or SKIP as this seems slightly off to me, and suggest someone has some inside info about the Mongolz boys that perhaps is not public. If you didn’t already bet, play it safe and SKIP.

My odds for this match: CZen 50:50 Mongolz

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ModestSimplicityModestSimplicity Suggests skipping this match
Mr. SlothMr. Sloth Suggests skipping this match

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