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SoStronk KOTH Asia

Best Of 5
2015/12/15 14:00 UTC

Winner CZen

CZen vs. SR at SoStronk KOTH Asia

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This match is a BO5 and also the grand finals for the SoStronk KOTH Asia #2 league, which offers a $7000 prize pool, of which $4000 I think will go to the winner of this league.


CyberZen was invited into this league and did not go through the qualifiers, but they would’ve qualified regardless because they are easily a top 3 Asian team, trailing behind the powerhouse known as Tyloo. They have been steamrolling through their opponents recently, rarely losing and they have a pretty clean record. Out of the 11 games they have played on record (see CSGONuts), they have only lost 2, to inchk1ng and KKTV. Other than that, they have had pretty decisive wins against a lot of different teams. To name a few known ones: Puzzles, nxl, MVP.karnal, Mongolz and POW.


Skyred used to be a really great team, but as of late it seems like they’ve been having a few problems. A member vented on reddit about his games being DDoSed and received a lot of hate for losing matches. It still seems like they are having packet losses and all of that sort of stuff happening to them.

Their most recent game was against Tyloo, where they lost 0-2 but they did get into OT on the second map, Inferno which is better compared to a lot of other Asian teams. They have also had wins against nxl on Mirage (16-14 in a BO1), and one loss this month against MVPproject which IIRC is the match where a lot went wrong for the Skyred players.

Final thoughts and advice

Honestly, this could have potential to be a close match, but I’m not really sure about the current state of Skyred and what’s happening. However, if all was good and jolly, these odds would be very good for a small bet on them. My MLO is a 3-1 win to CyberZen with the scorelines being very close. I’ll be skipping this though, since I’m not 100% too familiar with the Asian scene and I’m not too confident. Good luck!

My odds for this match: CZen 65:35 SR

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