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2015/12/19 11:30 UTC

No Winner Announced

CZen vs. Tyloo at Starseries

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This is a much anticipated match by many, because these two teams are the best Asians teams currently competing in CSGO. TyLoo has been on a winning streak for god knows how long now, and recent results from CyberZen also suggest that they too are trying to become a powerhouse like Tyloo.


The underdogs in this match, they are the second best Asian team trailing behind Tyloo. Like Tyloo, they have been kicking many lower skilled Asian teams in the ass, win after win for quite some time now. Their winning streak started after they started playing in the SLTV league (late November, 28th) and since then they have racked up 10 consecutive wins against the likes of EFV, verying, TheMongolz, KKTV5, MVP.Karnal, nxl, PUZZLES, SkyRed!!, Dictionary and AllGamers. It is safe to say that taking on Tyloo will be a bit of a challenge, but nothing is impossible.


Every match prediction up until this one had a short prediction with the message pretty much “max and relax Tyloo”. Not for this match though. They have been winning for so long now,  infact, their win streak started in October and has lasted for 21 games, only dropping 1 map in the process. They have played extremely well in the Game On league, the SLTV league, Fulcrum Gamers league and another small timer league. They have beat just about every Asian team out there, so there isn’t really any point for me to list them all out.

Final thoughts/note/advice

Tyloo and CyberZen have never played a match against each other but they do dominate small teams like each other. Tyloo is more skillful than CyberZen is what I’m inclined to think, however this is a big moment in the CSGO Asian history as two powerful teams battle it out. I’ll be placing a small bet on CyberZen, granted that the odds stay somewhere around the 35-65 region. This could either be a grueling match going to the third map or a direct win for Tyloo, keeping their name as the #1 team.

I would highly suggest for anyone that is available at the time, to watch this match. If CyberZen can’t beat Tyloo, then virtually no one can.

My odds for this match: CZen 35:65 Tyloo

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