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2015/12/01 16:00 UTC

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dAT vs. YP at Showmatch

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This game right here is a toss up. We have little information on these two teams, however this is a showmatch between the female dAT roster and the female Team YouPorn roster. This is a big 50/50 in my eyes and you came here for advice, so I’m going to give you advice. Either skip this match or wing it and go on the underdog (obviously a small amount/ICB).

However this match should be a fun one to watch since we don’t see female teams play often or get featured on the lounge. Not to mention we can use this match as an indicator on who is on form and who isn’t. Should be a good match to watch! Best of luck.

My odds for this match: dAT 50:50 YP

Hi guys,

Thijs here doing a prediction. This time it will be between dAT Female and Team YP Female. It is a best of 3 and the maps are TBA. It is a show match which is always risky. There is not a lot of information about these teams. I gathered some info and i will share it with you guys.

From what I’ve found these teams have played each other once. These teams played some matches against the same opponent so we could take a look at that.

dAT Female matches:

dAT vs Acer 2-0 16-13 de_cobble 16-11 de_inferno
dAT vs PROvocateam 2-0 de_cobble 16-01 16-04 de_dust2
dAT vs Melty 1-2 11-16 de_Mirage 31-28 de_Overpass 01-16 de_inferno
dAT vs CM Storm 2-1 ( no info on played maps/results)
dAT vs O+ 2-1 06-16 de_inferno 16-07 de_Cobble 16-08 de_mirage
dAT vs Reality.e-Sports 2-0 16-3 de_Mirage 16-6 de_cobbl
dAT vs NewEra(Team YP) 2-0 16-13 de_cobble 19-15 de_dust2


NewEra(Team YP) Female matches:

NewEra vs PROvocateam 2-0 16-08 de_cache 16-06 de_train
NewEra vs Reality.e-Sports 2-0 16-06 de_cobble 16-02 de_cache
NewEra vs O+ 2-0 16-13 de_cache 16-08 de_inferno
NewEra vs dAT 0-2 13-16 de_cobble 15-19 de_dust2

From the info i found it looks like on paper that dAT should be the better team. I think they like playing Cobble but they don’t prefer Inferno. Team YP doesn’t plays as often though. They have alot of hours on steam the past 2 weeks so they are not inactive.

This match is still a ‘coin toss’ I don’t know if the info i’ve found is legit or not. I believe it is since i don’t see anyone faking outcomes for female e-sport teams. I skip is highly recommended but if you feel like betting going very low on dAT should be the best shot you’ve got here.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: dAT 55:45 YP


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