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2016/03/16 21:15 UTC

Winner Dignitas

DenDD vs. Dignitas at CEVO

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A BO3 between a mid tier2 / low tier2 team and a top tier2 or rather tier1.5 team. The thing here is, what are Dignitas doing? They have been failing pretty hard recently and couldn’t manage to qualify for DreamHack just yet. They do get a second chance Sunday but it ‘s really their last chance. They got basically stomped by CSGL and they looked pretty bad on Overpass against Navi as well, Mirage was a map they should have taken maybe as they looked a bit better there, but Navi in the end manage to pull it out as GuardiaN seemed on point. Dignitas are slumping pretty hard, but even when they’re slumping they seem fairly consistent against lower tier teams. DenDD’s best player is Robiin and he really can go nuts on a good day, but even when he goes nuts I don’t really see him carrying DenDD to a victory against Dignitas. Dignitas are well prepared for this match as it’s CEVO and they definitely have to win this, it’s single-elimination.

My odds for this match: DenDD 20:80 Dignitas

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This is a very important qualifier for CEVO Season 9 Professional league, there will be three qualifiers and the winner of each of them will qualify for the league. Dignitas are the clear favorites in this qualifier since there are not many good teams participating, they also got a bit lucky with the bracket as the second best team is on the lower part of it. This match should be quite easy for dignitass as DenDD are garbage ever since twist left the team to join Ancient, they lost multiple matches against weaker teams such as Alternate Attax, Preparation, Publiclir and few more, they don’t have the fragging power anymore and I’m not even gonna talk about strats as dignitas are way better when it comes to tactical play.

Should be easy for dignitas, they will be warmed up as they have two matches against Gamers2 before this one, we will also see them play and it’s gonna be easier to make the right call after the first two games.

My odds for this match: DenDD 70:30 Dignitas

Option 1Bet Dignitas if odds 80% or less

Medium (10%)

medium risk


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