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99Damage Masters

Best Of 3
2016/02/10 18:00 UTC

Winner Dignitas

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Dignitas vs. ATN at 99Damage Masters

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This is for a place in the Grand Final where they will for sure want to take revenge on SK for yesterday and take the title. Unfortunately for dig today, they will be without tenzki, and they will be playing with maziaz instead. On paper, you would still say Dignitas should be heavily favoured. ATN have shown the last days that they are a side that can struggle with consistency, and their CT sides will really need to be on point if they are to take this.

I feel like Dignitas going into this game, even with a stand-in, will have too much for the German boys. Their level of individual skill far exceeds that of ATN. Their map pool is deeper, and the other 4 main Dig boys should still be strong enough to take this game. You could argue that this tournament perhaps does not mean the most for Dignitas, as the prize pool is not THAT big, but they played a fair amount of games to get here, and will want to win some decent money for their troubles.

I expect Dignitas will take this game, 2-0 or 2-1 at the very worst, and although they played poorly yesterday against SK, they will be focused on revenge today, and their games against one another were always really close. The odds are not the best right now to bet, but you could get away with going MED on Dig if the odds drop a bit, or SKIPPING if you feel the risk vs reward is not worth it. The odds are not good, but I really don’t personally see ATN taking this.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 70:30 ATN


So ahm Tenzki is obviously not playing here for Dignitas, instead it will be Maziaz standing in. I do remember seeing this guy play once or twice as a standin I believe, and he was not horrible, by no means is this guy useless, however of course he is not Tenzki. Not having Tenzki is quite a big miss for Dignitas here, when on form this can be lethal, seriously lethal, however he does not hit top form often, or his other teammates often out frag him, so I guess you could just consider that Tenzki is having a bad game. I don’t often like to bet on teams with standins, since it messes with the chemistry of the team and perhaps makes them lean towards more puggy maps, and what not. Overall I do feel that even with Maziaz playing, this is a game Dignitas should be taking. Of course we saw them fall to SK yesterday in a somewhat lackluster performance, however SK is a bit above ATN here, and even so, this is for a final spot to face SK once again, so I’d expect Dignitas to really push here. You could make the excuse yesterday that they were just back from LAN and needed time to warmup, so that is what I am hoping for here. As long as we see the sort of Dignitas we have been seeing recently, they should be taking this. BO3 too to even further favor them.

Alternate Attax

So on the others side of the coin, we have Attax. An up and coming so to speak German team that honestly has had it’s ups and downs for me. For me their biggest problem is their consistency, they seem to have some really impressive wins here and there, but then fall/have a way too close affair with a team much weaker than them. I was watching them play the other day versus Torpedo and some of the plays they made just made no sense to me, seemed like lack of teamwork and overall coordination and what not. Of course all that comes with experience, the more you play with eachother and those kind of things, so we just have to wait it out. The skill is there don’t get me wrong, Keev is unbelievable when on form, however recently for me he has been a bit up and down, but then again that reflects on the overall form on the team. Do I think Attax has a chance here? Yes, do I think they have a big chance? Not too big, however the fact that Tenzki is missing certainly does give them a chance here. It’s a BO3 which makes it ever so harder for them.


Overall Tenzki is a miss for Dignitas and they should struggle a bit more than usual, however I still do think that they should be coming out on top here. It is a BO3 of a semi-final, where first place gets 15k, 2nd gets 8k which I mean is not small money, especially since they’ve a good shot at taking the finals. Maziaz is a decent standin, not the best, not the worst, don’t think he’ll do too well however they should still win. As long as Keev does not do some insane Guardian stuffs, Dignitas should be fine here, once again if they are hitting their shots themselves of course, Dignitas is not the most of consistent teams. 75-25 Dignitas for me here, large risk due to Tenzki not playing, I don’t like playing with standin teams.


Simply going to play the odds here given it is a high risk game, the fact that Tenzki is missing just does not feel well for me. As long as Dignitas are below 83%, I’ll drop 5% on them, however if they are indeed above, I’ll most likely skip/ICB on Attax.

My odds = 75-25 Dignitas

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Dig if under 83%, otherwise skip/ICB Attax.

My advice = Same as my bet.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 75:25 ATN


With Dignitas being a top tier2 team and Alternate a low tier2 team I can’t see Alternate upsetting Dignitas as this is consolidation final for the 99Damage league. Dignitas WILL have a stand in this game, Tenzki is not able to play and Maziaz will play instead, this is obviously a huge downgrade but even then, Dignitas should be able to take it. Dignitas’s lost against SK yesterday was expected imo as SK are looking on fire, not really the same can be said about Alternate, sure they are good but recently they haven’t really been dominating as they did a week ago. Tied against Vexed, lost against Torpedo and tied against CPH. They did beat DenDD quite convincingly but DenDD are a tier3 team so that’s expected.


I do expect Dignitas to take this BO3 even with the stand in, it shouldn’t really be a problem as there is still k0nfig, rubino and kjaerbye to play who are simply nuts and able to out-aim Alternate easily. Calling a 2:0 or worst case scenario 2:1 to Dignitas here.


Medium on Dignitas. Do make sure to skip when the odds go over 85%. Bet with around 10% of your inventory.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 75:25 ATN


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