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2016/01/08 18:00 UTC

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Dignitas vs. BX3 at Game Show Global

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Today, we saw Dignitas play their first match of the year against a top team, EnvyUs. Despite Dignitas losing 0-2, they still put in a lot of effort and really gave EnvyUs a run for their money. Train ended at 13-16 and Mirage 10-16. Still, double digits against a team like EnvyUs after a break is something that I can see this lineup doing in the future under certain conditions.

k0nfig and RUBINO played extremely well in that BO3, with both of them having over 20 frags on both of the maps. The weak link was tenzki, who didn’t make a big impact on the game and was essentially dead weight. Over the course of two maps, he had just 17 frags which isn’t an impressive number compared to what his comrades put up.


BX3 has played two matches this year, both on the same day. To start things off, they failed to qualify for the minor hosted by PGL after being defeated by E-frag 0-2. BX3 put up some good numbers but at the end of the day, they were like Dignitas and certain members of the team couldn’t perform and they prevented themselves from winning. Because of this, they failed to qualify for the minor which really must be a big let down. REASTEN, PAINT and KORAN got 40 kills each at the end of the two maps, while moen was playing the ‘tenzki role’ and anchored, with 17 kills at the end of the series.

They went on to defeat the Swedish AliGon just a few hours later in the Game Show Cup, 2-1. Dropping Dust 2 initially but then went on to beat AliGon on Mirage and Cache.

League standings 

Both Dignitas and BX3 are in the same group and they are currently tied point wise. They have one win and one loss each, however out of all the teams in the group, I would have to say that Dignitas has the best chance to advance with EnvyUs obviously advancing too. This match will be a decider and the winner of this will pull ahead point wise which will be a good ‘safety net’.

Final thoughts and advice

The real odds here are 80-20 in my opinion. BX3 are a T3 team, but if the top 3 fraggers play like they did against E-frag and the other two pull their weight, then they could really contest Dignitas in this match. Still, Dignitas are the favorite here. I wouldn’t bet on this because the odds are probably going to end up as something ridiculous like 90-10.

Winner: Dignitas

MLO: 2-1

Bet: Skip or throw an ICB on BX3.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 80:20 BX3


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