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Red Dot

Best Of 3
2016/01/11 16:00 UTC

Winner EnVyUs

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Dignitas vs. EnVyUs at Red Dot

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This is the Semi-final for the Red Dot Invitational. There will be a total $50.000 split among the top 4.

I’ll keep it short. I don’t think this match is worth betting on. The odds highly favour EnVyUs. I get why since they should be the better team but i am just not sure about this match. We’ve seen these teams face off before and it came really close. Recently we saw Envy winning 2-0 but Dignitas could’ve won it.

Dignitas are rolling over teams the last few days. They’ve beaten HR in a best of 3 with 16-10 and 16-14 on Cobble and Overpass. They’ve beaten unu.AIN in a best of 3 winning Overpass and Train 16-12 and 16-5. Dignitas also played Bluejays which was an easy win for them and they played BX3. Against BX3 they won 1 map with ease ending 16-4 on Mirage but had a close win on Overpass against them ending 22-20.

We’ve seen Dignitas play different teams and i must say i would give them a shot at taking down envy. I do not believe it is worth a bet though since they are still playing Envy. A bet on Envy would not be worth it since they are so heavily favoured.

For this match i recommend a skip and just go out there and watch this match for some good CS.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: Dignitas 35:65 EnVyUs

The odds for this match are absolutely ridiculous, dignitas had a very close best of three against ENVYUS few days ago, they lost 10-16 on mirage and 13-16 on train, would have been closer or dignitas could even take the series if tenzki showed up, it was probably the worst series of his entire career as he dropped below 0.50 rating on both maps. Dignitas played two matches against ENVYUS in the last 30 days and both were insanely close, they are easily more than capable of beating top teams and ENVYUS specifically, dignitas easily beat teams like unu.AiN, HellRaisers, BX3, even pulled off a couple of upsets against VirtusPro and Na`Vi, they are probably the best tier 2 team team right now.

ENVYUS is one of the best teams in the world, they of almost every event they attended, they haven’t been playing that well lately though, ENVYUS lost against QM, Na`Vi, Titan, Luminosity, NiP, barely beat dignitas, Vexed and Liquid, they usually perform much better on majors / lan events, rather than random online tournaments like this one, rumor has it that ENVYUS also planned on doing a roster change again, that’s only a rumor for now though.

This is a perfect opportunity for dignitas to pull off a massive upset, the odds are also great for a small bet, I’d give dignitas at least 35% chance of winning this match and they are below 15% on csgolounge at the moment, small bet on dignitas would be the smartest choice here.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 35:65 EnVyUs


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