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2016/02/04 13:45 UTC

Winner Dignitas

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Dignitas vs. FSid3 at Game Show Global

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Two top tier2 teams in a really good form facing each other in group A. They both have been stomping tier2/3 teams left and right although FlipSid3 did look a bit worse this week but I think this was mainly because of them ”saving strats” which is actually a thing for some teams. This is definitely a match to look out for but when we look at individual skill, Dignitas clearly has the upper hand. Dignitas are way better on lan than online as well. Not just that, Dignitas’s mappool is quite huge as well. The only map they REALLY struggle on is Dust2 but then again, this is also a map FlipSid3 hate playing on. The mappool definitely favours Dignitas going into this match. FlipSid3 also have a huge mappool but I just think Dignitas are a bit better on most maps.


I don’t really think it matters what maps gets played. Cobblestone + Mirage are really likely and both teams love these maps, although I gotta favour Dignitas quite a bit on both. I think Dignitas will win 2:0 here depending on how FlipSid3 play their first lan with Shara.


Medium on Dignitas or skip and enjoy a really good match.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 65:35 FSid3


So obviously Dignitas as of recent have been on a really high upwards spiral which is always good to see. Honestly when this team lost Aizy and Pimp, I was seriously putting them off quite a bit, as I had very little belief, however match by match, week by week these guys seem to be improving, so that is always good to see. I feel like all of these guys are young with a lot of potential, as long as they can stick together, keep improving and work hard they definitely have the potential to be something good. They have shown some really good results as of recent, and I feel that as long as they are on form this game, land their shots, they should be the favorites here. They have been beating off other tier 2 teams comfortably pretty consistently for quite some time now, and from the last times these two have met, Dignitas have gotten the better edge. The problem is that their players seem to be quite inconsistent, Kjaerbye is a really sick young talent, however his biggest problem is his fragging, same with K0nfig and pretty much all across the board. If these guys are on form, I definitely feel they are a team to lookout for in this LAN, they might not necessarily win the thing, however they can make a good run. They might struggle versus tier 1 teams, however versus teams around their level or below they seem to do well.


Feel like Flipsid3 is not getting a lot of the credit they kinda deserve here. I feel like Flipsid3 is a really solid team, for the most part. I did watch an interview/read somewhere that the players have kinda given up on CSGO, like Markeloff and Blade in particular and are kinda only half concentrating on the game, I think it was from one of the S1mple interviews he did in Russian, however don’t 100% quote me on that. Flipsid3 obviously not that long ago replaced DavCost with Shara, and I mean DavCost, I like the guy, I think when he is on form he can be quite good, however he hits form really rarely so I can understand the drop, aswell as WorldEdit being their primary AWP’er already, with Markeloff also being able to pick it up. Shara started off his days rather badly if I remember correctly, however he slowly but surely seems to be fitting in, I do not think he is a world class player at the moment, however I mean the potential is there, this is his first LAN so the pressure will be there, so keep that in mind. Also, Markeloff’s flight got delayed, he has made it but obviously late and hasn’t slept for two days, so that is not good at all, might fall asleep in some 1v1 clutch that he won, while defusing.

Flipsid3 has really good players that can cause Dignitas trouble, Bondik and WorldEdit in particular, if Flipsid3 want anything from this series they will need these two to be performing. My problem is that often of the time that these two are the only ones performing, and it simply is not enough, however time will tell I guess. Flipsid3 definitely has a very good shout of upsetting here, as long as they are all hitting their shots and playing Dignitas correctly.


So obviously I am going to favor Dignitas here, however not by as much as some people are favoring them, I do think that on paper Dignitas are the better team here, however they have their inconsistencies and problems, and Flipsid3 could definitely upset here as long as their players are performing. F3 got some good guys like I mentioned above, especially WorldEdit and Bondik, however I am unsure if that will be enough to take out Dignitas, F3 will have to be hoping that some of the Digntias guys just can’t find form. Overall I would just play the odds here, for me this is a really high risk game with 62-38 odds in favor of Dignitas. Low bets only here given it is such a high risk game.


So going to play the odds here, really close game I feel. I’ll update this post about an hour or so before the game with my bet, as long as I do not fall asleep and remember that is. Eitherway, if Dignitas is below 66% I will be going 2-3% on them, however if they are above that, I will go 2-3% on that Flipsid3, which seems to be the more likely case so I’ll leave the main bet thingy on the right to Flipsid3 for now. Will edit an hour or so before game starts with my bet as I already mentioned, so keep your eyes peeled!

My odds = 62-38 Dignitas

My risk = High

My bet = If Dignitas is below 66%, 2-3 on them, otherwise 2-3 on F3.

My advice = Same as my bet


My odds for this match: Dignitas 62:38 FSid3


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