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2015/08/24 20:00 UTC

Winner TSK

KPV vs. TSK @D!ngIT Predictions

Here we see the German side of KPV going up against a newly formed Swedish roster of some semi known players. We last saw SKYTTEN playing for Kinguin before he was dropped for dennis. He seemed a decent enough IGL, and has a lot of experience under his belt. The other players in the team are mostly ones we have seen before too in maxie and Roque. On paper they seem to have a roster good enough at least competing against T2/3 sides.

Moving onto the German side of KPV, they are also a newly formed side, consisting of the semi know xennn and the Danish player inzta who has been around for a while. It is hard to predict much for this roster, as we have not seem them for a while and the line-up was different last time we did.

As we don’t have much to go on, other than the players in the rosters, I would have to give the edge in favour of TSK, as they have better players and more experience. This is of course a very risky game as we don’t really know what to expect, so proceed with caution if you decide to bet. With the odds currently being 70-30 on CSGL, it makes betting on this game perhaps too risky to bother, and you are better off skipping and waiting for something better later.

My odds for this match: KPV 35:65 TSK

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