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2015/08/17 18:00 UTC

Winner SK Gaming
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SK Gaming

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SK vs. PH @Dreamhack Predictions

I see SK a little bit ahead of PH here. One of the reasons is the decently big map pool from SK (D2,mirage,cobble,overpass,train) while PH only got Cache,d2,Cobble. PH is for sure an upcomming CIS team with a lot of talent right now but this match might come to early for them.

I personally sugest a low/med bet on SK, but i personally wont bet on this match because i never bet on odds like this =)
Good luck !

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 65:35 PH

Should be a good game here, SK vs PH. Danes vs Russians. Let’s begin with PH.

They have been playing well actually lately, beating a lot of lower tier teams including sides such as Piter and Roccat. They have some good players in their roster, and I was actually really impressed with their A take on Cache. You can tell they have practiced a lot, and they aren’t here to make up the numbers, they are here to compete.

Moving onto SK. They have been up and down as of late, with niko standing in last tournament, and cadiaN currently trialing for them. Playing without Friis I actually feel damaged them, as one reason their Overpass was so strong, was because of how he held A with the AWP. They are a side that can compete with T1 sides, when the players are performing to their best. In my opinion, they actually seem weaker since tenzki left, and the balance in the team is perhaps a little off.

The odds for this match, I would put as 65-35 in favour of SK. It is a bo3, and their map pool is deeper than that of PH. The odds on lounge on the outside would make for a juicy PH bet, but I think beating SK in a BO3, is a step too far at the moment for these Russians. I would never bet on SK with these odds, so the best idea is to SKIP, unless you are feeling really lucky.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 65:35 PH

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