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D!ngIT Asia Invitational

Best Of 3
2016/01/03 13:00 UTC

No Winner Announced


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DTN vs. Tyloo at D!ngIT Asia Invitational

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Team DeToNator is a relatively new Asian team that is under-performing when compared to Tyloo. DeToNator’s players are definitely fit to take on the talent coming from Tyloo although they don’t have the experience nor team coordination to take on a team such as Tyloo. The main difference between these two teams is that Tyloo has definitely been through a lot more than DTN has, as DTN’s roster was recently compiled together meaning they need time to get to know each other’s play style. Although as we look at it, DTN is definitely showing themselves as a capable contender in the Asian scene seeing how they are able to stack up relatively high rounds against other Asian teams such as Rapture Play and MiTH. The only map DTN seem to be excelling in is Dust 2, as they stack high rounds on those maps against other top Asian teams.

Team Tyloo is in a small rut, being it they had lost to another Chinese team, CyberZen although this could be through some internal team issues seeing how they had to forfeit their game against The Expendables, another Asian team. In terms of players, Tyloo definitely isn’t a well endowed nor extremely talented team but they have a group of reliable riflers, being able to beat out relative Asian teams. The thing that makes Tyloo stand out is their experience and team coordination, making this team extremely viable in game. Team Tyloo is really looking like the Chinese / Asian Hope right now although they are in a small hole right now due to some internal conflicts but they are for sure stronger than DeToNator.

A MEDIUM bet on TYLOO is recommended.

My odds for this match: DTN 25:75 Tyloo


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