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Balkan Championship

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2016/04/04 21:00 UTC

Winner AClub

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DTrap vs. AClub at Balkan Championship

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DTrap right now are really dominating in the Balkan series, they’re stomping every single team left and right and it just looks so easy for them. They also have the best Turkish awper in the world with woxic and this guy is simply nuts, I wouldn’t be surprised when SpaceSoldiers picks him up at the end of this month, this guy has been performing so incredibly well for DTrap and hits every single shot, nutty awper.

DTrap should be able to win this one although aimclub are no joke, they can most definitely play cs and won’t give DTrap an easy game. It’s going to be really close but I expect DTrap to win it still. Just make sure to not go too high as it’s still a BO1.

My odds for this match: DTrap 65:35 AClub

Dtrap honestly look like the better side right now. They have been taking teams by surprise, and actually making a name for themselves, which is a strange thing to see in such a small cup as this. Their AWP woxic has been pretty nuts in the games I have seen, and they will need to ensure they keep a good economy in this match or they won’t be able to utilise him to the best of his ability. Their opponent today, did surprise a few people as well so far. Beating iNation and neXtPlease shows that they are for sure a decent level, and will be a good test for the Turkish side. I do still think that Dtrap, if they can get the AWP on woxic, will have a good chance here of taking it, and if you wish to bet, I would suggest a low, only 3-4% bet, on them.

My odds for this match: DTrap 65:35 AClub


I usually do not bet Balkan matches due to their shadiness and overall not worthiness, however here I feel DTrap are pretty commited to making a name for themselves. DTrap has been winning the Balkan matches left right and center and I feel like this is another one that they should take. It is however a BO1 in lowtier CS, so don’t expect the greatest of plays and upset potential is always high in these. Aimclub aren’t no pushovers however, they have beaten off INation who as you know, I consider to be decent, not the the level of DTrap however they aren’t as horrible as some of the Balkan teams here, and they also fought off NextPlease. Overall for me this is about 65-35 in favor of DTrap, and for your own sake, please only go low here due to it being low tier CS, you never know, especially in BO1.


5% DTrap if below 70%, otherwise skip/ICB AClub

My odds = 65-35 DTrap

My risk = High

my bet = 5% DTrap below 70%, otherwise skip/ICB AClub

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: DTrap 65:35 AClub

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