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Balkan Championship

Best Of 1
2016/03/30 19:00 UTC

Winner DTrap

DTrap vs. Tao at Balkan Championship

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Not too much to say about this one, the majors are going on so I’m going to keep this short; DTrap are by far the better team and should be able to stomp Tao in the ground. They have been looking good in the Balkan league lately and seem unbeatable so far whereas Tao just look straight up bad. Should be an easy win for DTrap unless something shady is going on.

My odds for this match: DTrap 75:25 Tao


Random Balkan BO1 while the major is going on? Yeah no thank you, this is just once again straight to the skip basket. Don’t like doing these skip games however I genuinely think that risking skins on games like this is just like first sign of a bet addiction, just not worth it. DTrap should be favored by quite a bit here, a well established Turkish side, still quite bad for like the top level however they should come out on top over TAO. DTrap has shown more impressive results compared to TAO and overall on paper are the better team. BO1 here once again so randomness is a huge aspect here, pistols and what not, antther reason not to bet this. 75-25 DTrap.


Skip this for your own sake, not worth

My odds = 75-25 DTrap

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: DTrap 75:25 Tao

Would not trust these games as far as I can throw them, get it? Honestly these types of games you should steer well clear of during the major. I predict most people won’t even notice they are on, and why would you want to risk at least a MED bet to get any real value on a game like this, when there are far better other games to bet on. Save your skins, and your mood and SKIP this.

My odds for this match: DTrap 65:35 Tao


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