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2016/02/17 02:00 UTC

Winner TStorm
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DWG vs. TStorm at GO NA Predictions

TempoStorm just qualified for IEM Katowice 2016 after taking down Liquid, CLG and C9 quite comfortably. They are improving and seem to become as good as LG are right now. Two Brazilian teams dominating the NA scene. Player(s) to watch imo from TempoStorm are felps and hen1, these two players are insane and can just turn up and drop 30 bombs out of nowhere, felps with the individual rifling and hen1 with the insane awp flicks, love watching this combo. Pretty straight forward match imo, DWG aren’t a team who are even close to Tempo’s skill. Tempo should be able to pick this BO3 up 2:0, if Tempo somehow manage to lose this then there’s definitely something fishy going on. Pretty much a free skins match, I suggest a max bet on this one.

My odds for this match: DWG 10:90 TStorm

Once again, better matches out there, going to keep shorter since behind schedule for NA right now



So yesterday we saw TempoStorm take out Liquid in a BO3, then CLG in a BO3, followed by Cloud9 in a BO3. If a little bitty DWG come along and take out TempoStorm out here in a BO3… will simply be beyond me. DWG isn’t horrible as a team, they have some good players and I mean, they are pretty good for teams their level, Ak-Ny and Karbon, oh and F0bless are some that stand out, I’ve seen these guys play and they were not bad by any means, but like you’ve got to measure the competition they are coming up against here. My only problem right now is that due to all the massive success TempoStorm had yesterday, I am concerned if they were like partying or whatever and might be hungover or just not up to par for this game, however only time will tell, who knows. Overall not much else to say, the ex Games Academy guys should be taking this rather convincingly, especially given that this is a BO3. Personally give this about 85-15 here and would recommend placing a maxbet here if you have one, if not I guess you could scrape in a high bet, it really depends on how big your inventory is, if you bet 5$ on TS here, don’t expect a return.


Going to maxbet TS here. I recommend doing the same, if you do not have an high bet worth at least like 100$ or something, I would not recommend betting here as you are risking a high bet for potentially no return.

My odds = 85-15 TempoStorm

My risk = Low

My bet = Maxbet TempoStorm

My advice = High on TS if your high is at least 100$, otherwise skip.

My odds for this match: DWG 15:85 TStorm

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